Are anime scores something you care about ?

Whether it be the score of weighted scores, or the scores of another user, or even your own scores.

When I think about it, since different people use a different system of ratings, scores become somewhat weird to use as a base to “should I watch this or not”.

Seeing average scores before watching something might make people biased or judge a show without even seeing it yet so I think they aren’t to be taken so seriously.

So anime scores for me feel pointless since very different ideas are being merged to present a majority idea instead of an absolute idea.

Some people care about their own scores because then they can see how their watching/reading habits evolve and others get more value out of people actually discussing what someone thought about a series(its strong and weak points).

I feel that most people rate based on enjoyment. Ultimately, the average score doesn’t really matter if you like something, but it is a good guide of what you can expect.

There is no perfect show that everybody likes. Every person have their own personalities, ideas, perspectives, experiences, and opinions. So a score defines a individual’s different opinion in that particular anime and helps us understand that particular user’s interests. 

Some rate anime base on enjoyment and some rate base on a complex analysis of the different elements of the show but both approach are still correct. There is no pure objective in rating show, but it can be a mix of subjective and objective insights depending on the personal standards.

The rating of an anime is up to you on whether you want to rate it a 1/10 or 10/10. I don’t really care about the rating. Rather than judging the anime by other’s rating and reviews, It’s much easier to watch the anime and decide for yourself.

Check out my ratings in my anilist

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