Personally I fear change but at the same time I’m trying my best to accept change. The things around us change spontaneously, in three years I’ll finish school, go to college, leave my friends and family, get my driving license. No matter how much I fear change, it won’t help me any better. I read somewhere accepting change is the only way you can grow.

In 10 years I’ll have a job, be famous, be married, be really famous and in 80 years I’ll be dead. That’s how you grow and die, so don’t accept change. I’m just kidding It’s not that kind of growth, what it says is that if you accept change you’ll mature as a person, you’ll become an adult. Being an adult- the problems never stop. To tell the truth most teenagers want to grow up fast, I also had the same kind of thought for some time but now

“I know no matter whether I grow up or not I’ll still face problems”- me.

“You will not be in the same situation for the rest of your lives, if you act according to the situation amd hold your ground, the results will take care of itself”

Right now I have a lot of flaws and I don’t want to have flaws. Unfortunately no human being is perfect but you can fix your flaws and improve yourself. I want to improve myself for the future, I want to get along with a lot of people, have fun but that’s only possible if I work hard now.

“Nothing is 100% perfect or 0% incomplete”- me.

Right now I feel like Keichi Katakura from Rainbow days. In the manga he was also afraid of change, of leaving school but now he’s fine.“spoiler”-he has a cute girlfriend, he went to college. His life is way better than mine.

Sometimes in life you just have to move forward like Usain bolt. Man he’s fast. Ok where was I, yeah moving forward. Moving foward doesn’t mean driving a car forwards or running forwards, it means to face your fear and get on with your life because sometimes fear is not what we think.

Wow I didn’t know that I was this philosophical. Usually I write about only comedy or anime but for the first time in history I’ve written a topic about something I don’t know. The more surprising part is the quotes I wrote, who knew I could be this good.

Now the conclusion. It’s simple just accept change and you’ll be succesful in being a profesional sleeper.

All right let’s goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.


  1. I’ve always been afraid of change. Change comes if you want it or not. Usually the change is unpredictable and something you wouldn’t expect; you can’t plan the future. I really liked this post of yours, keep up the good work! 😊

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