Favorite anime couples

This is just going on to be a week of favorites. A pair of characters with good chemistry, interactions and/or personality can add different dimensions to their relationship as well as the anime itself. Dating is usual in the anime world(I wish I was there), and dating brings cute couples.

So here are my favorite anime couples.

Zen x Shirayuki

Misaki X usui

Yamato X Suzuka

Kyoya X Erika

Yamada X Shiraishi

Nozomi X Keichi

Fuuka X Yuu

Soichiro X Yukino

Tamaki X Haruhi

Gray X Juvia


  1. Snow white with red hair
  2. Maid sama
  3. Suzuka
  4. Wolf girl and black prince
  5. Yamada kun and the seven withces
  6. Rainbow days
  7. Fuuka
  8. His and her circumstances
  9. Ouran highschool host club
  10. Fairy tail

Well that was my favorites list.

Comment down who is your favorite anime couple.


  1. Haha, I knew one couple of these. (it doesn’t help of course that the only anime of these I have seen is actually OHSHC)

    My favorite couple is Gouda Takeo and Yamato Rinko from Ore Monogatari.

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