I want some action

Lately I’ve been into some serious action. Real action. When I say action, I mean action! Yes, with an exclamation mark! Okay, I just said that to overemphasize things, but that’s what action movies is all about! Jhon wick, James bond, Mission Impossible, Fast & Furious. You name it, I watched it but today’s post is not about movies, it’s about anime. Action anime are fist-pumping thrill rides packed with enough explosions to make your heart burst out.

Action series have been a gateway into anime for the longest time, sparking the interest of new fans through thrilling confrontations. These animes are an explosion of eye-candy visuals and highly-engaging action.

Well this not gonna be a top 10 or top 5 list. I’m just mentioning some of my favorite action animes. This is not your normal action with fight scenes and all this is gonna be slightly based of reality. This list will not feature supernatural powers(such as dragon ball or naruto) only guns, lots of guns.

Enjoy your quarantine with these three action-packed anime.

Black lagoon


Starting of with a BANG! Black lagoon is one of my must watch series with three seasons of heart-racing action. A lot of work went into this anime and you can definitely tell in how well it’s crafted from scene to scene. The show is also beautiful to look at as well, holding up stylistically. Revy is a lovable nutcase and Rock provides some great leverage to the insanity that happens on-screen, personally, my favorite aspect of the show was definitely the love-hate dynamic between Revy and Rock.

The animation quality for Black Lagoon is amazing, especially during the gunfights. The overall animation is extremely smooth and character movement is fluent. Most of the in-episode music for Black Lagoon is fast and upbeat, and it fits the situation extremely well, and at times, it helps to create a very tense and dramatic atmosphere, which is very fitting for Black Lagoon, considering the nature of this Anime.

Black Lagoon has got to be one of Madhouse’s greatest works. It was a wonderful experience for me, because every episode had nonstop action to look forward to. That’s why I recommend this anime to everyone who loves action.



One of the best anime with unique characters, background music, and everything. Multiple stories running at the same time at different time interval. I thoroughly enjoyed this anime, even though there are only 16 episodes(including the specials) I savoured each and every episode. I actually watched this anime in Eng Dub and I loved it, I love how the voice actors bring the energy of Baccano into each and every dialogue. I think the music is also worth mentioning.

Just remember, Baccano! ain’t about beginnings and ends, It’s about the twists and turns. Between all the plot lines the premise throws at you and the scattered timelines, it would not be difficult to see how this can make the show difficult to follow and understand or even want to give the show a try at all. However, to counteract these issues one might initially have, Baccano’s first episode is used as a guide to help viewers comprehend what the show is all about. Another great thing about Baccano it that it has great pacing throughout the entire series. No episode in this show feels like it wasted time. Everything that happens in the show is of crucial importance to the many subplots this show contains.

Baccano is a show that never fails to entertain. I’m sure you’ll get sucked into it once you started watching.



We started this list with a BANG! and it wouldn’t be fair if we end with one too. Monster is a compelling Psychological, Mystery, Drama that is heavily driven by its thrilling story. I would recommend this series to anyone who enjoys piecing together a very satisfying plot or anyone who enjoys a cast of diverse and interesting characters. Despite the quirky and distinctive traits that a lot of the characters have (for instance Runge with his constantly typing hands), most of them come across as genuine, real people caught up in crazy situations. This anime potraits the kind of world we live in very well.

The music also suits the eerily, dramatic, atmosphere of this series well and if it wasn’t for the numerous silent moments I would have thought the music was perfect. And I’m not just talking about the music alone – the use of sound is not limited to the background music, and “Monster” successfully demonstrates this by putting to good use an astonishingly wide array of ambient sounds. The artwork also suits the gloomy atmosphere. Just like with the sound, small details are manipulated with a deft touch that can nevertheless bring about significant tonal changes. A great example is the facial features of the characters.

I honestly can’t find any aspect of Monster that isn’t outstanding and it’s a rare type of anime and if not perfect, it still manages to keep your attention.

Some more amazing series to binge on:

  • Banana fish
  • Bungo Stray Dogs
  • Psycho pass
  • Cowboy Bepop
  • Code Geass
  • Deadman Wonderland
  • Gangsta.
  • The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited

Comment down if I missed some anime.

Why I created this list?

Well like I told earlier I’ve been watching a lot of action movies. Don’t get me wrong but till now I’ve never seen a James Bond movie, yes not even a single movie. That all changed before two weeks when I saw my first James Bond movie(The man with the golden gun) and after that I was so amazed by the movie that I finished watching all 24 movies in two weeks. The 25th movie(No Time To Die) was supposed to release this april but because of covid it was delayed. So I created this list just for fun.

Two months

Oh yeah two months have passed since I’ve made my first post. Well I created my blog before that but since this posting thing was too confusing I was able to make my first post after I watched all the wordpress videos and I still don’t understand most of the things. So here I am after two months of posting anime. I’ve posted like 46 and I’m still going.

Thank you to everyone who read my posts.

Thanks for reading.


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