The 50th post!

I’m getting teary right now. Bad timing tears, of course they are happy tears. I think I’m going to complete this post while crying. 50 is a great number and now I’m happy I reached it(not my age, that would suck). First of all I wanna thank everyone of you who has been a part of my journey. I promise I will post more interesting content for you guys. And second of all let’s get into the interesting things.

Thank You Anime GIFs | Tenor

My blogging journey till now

This is still like a dream to me. I never imagined making this much friends online, not only am I having fun writing posts I have even more fun chatting with other bloggers. I started this journey two months ago I think, I didn’t take it seriously at that time but now all I can think about is the next thing. It’s like once you start writing words just magically appear into your mind and you just create a post you’re proud of.

Well I don’t think I’m going to stop blogging for a few years because I’m really enjoying it right now.

Answering your questions

I thought of doing something fun for my 50th post so I thought why not answer you questions.

Otakuauthor asked:

If you could erase an anime from your mind to rewatch it again new, would you, what anime would it be, and do you think you’d like is as much now?

Definetely golden time. It’s my favorite anime of all time. Now for the question, I’ll absoluetely love it again but I don’t think I’ll like it as much as I did before because when I first saw this anime, the situations were totally diferent. I was new to anime and watching such a story was a incredible experience. Now I watched almost hundreds of anime and only the best manages to amaze me and since I watch a lot of romance anime, I think it would be hard to love golden time after all that amazing romance anime. But hey nobody knows what will happen in the future, I might end up loving it more than before.

Takuto asked:

What is one anime that you often find yourself coming back to, either through a rewatch or just in thought?

Maid-sama! | Anime-Planet

This is a tough one. I mostly like all of the anime I’ve ever watched but maid sama is always in my heart. Even if I’m not writing or talking about anime I still have thoughts of it. I can’t say about the anime but I definetely think about maid sama’s manga, one because I have the hard copy of it and the other reason is because the story from the manga is much more interesting than the anime, it’s been a long time since I rewatched maid sama but recently I’ve finished reading maid sama for the fourth time in my life(it’s interesting no matter how much time I read it). Whether it’s the manga or the anime I still find myself coming back to it everyday.

Annie asked:

What anime squad would you want to be part of?

So I had a little bit of confusion about this question. I didn’t know whether I should answer for “Which anime universe you want to be with” or “create your anime squad”.Well I asked anie and she cleared my doubts. It’s create your own anime squad, so here it is:

A handsome guy to attract all the girls

A master gunner who flirts with “ladies”

A demon baby and a powerful guy to defend our squad

Of course you need a magician in your squad.

A badass girl(it would just make things interesting for our squad)

I don’t think he’ll pay any attention to our squad but I’d be really fun with him

A demon baby, a gamer, a human-klaxo Sapien hybrid, a gunner, a witch, a gamer, and a random handsome guy. The imperfect squad of misfits(including me).

Moyatori asked:

Do you like your egg sandwich plain, or do you add fun things to spice it up? More importantly, do you like crust with your egg sandwich?

To tell the truth, I don’t remember eating an egg sandwich in my whole life I think because I do remember eating an egg sandwich but at the same time, I don’t remember eating it. I really have a bad memory. I just created this name because I thought to have food names were really famous so I just picked a random food and ended with an egg sandwich. Okay, I still don’t remember but if I had to eat it I would probably eat my egg sandwich with a crust and I would most probably spice it up with more pepper or chilies. What, I like spicy things.

Animegoodreads asked:

What was your most favourite toy as a child?

Butch. It’s a dog(stuffed toy. p.s I don’t have a real one). That’s the only toy I remember having as a child. Favorite toy maybe my Hotwheels collection or my pencil. I don’t know, I’m sorry. I seriously have no idea.

Tell me Something great that you got to learn from a friend?

Well you probably don’t know that I still don’t have any ambition. Yes, I’m still aimlessely roaming everywhere. The thing I got to learn from my friend was the importance of paying attention to reality. I used to have a new ambition every month because I was inspired by each and everything I watched or read. Until a few months before you could say he slapped(not literally) me back to reality and he explained that I’m not going to get everyhing I want. Well of course I knew that but still that really helped me or not because I still don’t have a aim, for now I’m just chilling in my room writing this listening to Kpop.

Panda asked:

When did u start watching anime? What was your first anime?

You could say that me watching anime was a total accident because at the end of 2015 I think, I was leaving my house to go to some restaurant and when I flipped channels on my TV, I saw Animax and from there I was watching anime till date. I’m not sure about my first anime before Animax I used to watch shin chan and Doraemon. Well after Animax the first anime I saw was Naruto, so I’m not really sure which anime I saw first. Anyway now I’m watching anime to my heart’s content.

My best friend asked:

Other than anime what are your interests?

Hey, I’m surprised as you, even I thought he knew more about me. Well anyway what are my interests. Ummm, I’m thinking, maybe drawing, reading mangas, watching movies and youtube and maybe listening to Kpop and anime songs. Yeah I don’t play video games because I don’t have any, I know I have very boring interests, well there’s nothing I can do about it. Wait I found something I love blogging(that’s a interest right?).

Insight of my upcoming story

So I told in my last post that I’d give you an insight into my new story. Of course, it’s romance, I actually wanted to make a comedy but creating jokes is real hard work. So I decided to stick to my strengths which are “Romance” and”Nothing(I don’t have anything else)”. I thought of making a webtoon out of my story but I just haven’t mastered drawing yet, so I decided to write a story. The story’s nothing special it’s just a normal romance story between two stars. One is a Kpop idol and the other one is Jpop debutant. So how will this love story work out, I haven’t got the slightest idea but I’m going to make it work.

Since this is my first story I’m not trying to add too much and ruin it, so most probably there will be things you’ve already read. I haven’t even decided a title yet either way I’ll try to give the introduction as soon as possible.

Once again Thank you.

Thank you for reading!!!


  1. Congratulations 🎉 on reaching 50. Well I expect more blogs from you. I hope you make it into 5*(10^3) in a year. Anyway I enjoyed reading and I will be waiting to read your story.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s what I thought at first too, but it’s not that idiotic as it seems because Takumi is kind of a prince, so if he wants he can control a whole kingdom, which means all of them will be in his charm. I meant it like that, I know I think too much for such a little thing.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. So if he grows old and his kingdom collapse, then all ladies will run away from him to find a new handsome man. That’s funny 😄. But seriously though, I think girls just want to feel safe then there’s no reason to run away.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Well the ladies will grow old too😄. And the old ladies’s daughter’s will not have to run away because his son will be as handsome as him(or maybe even more). Well in a kingdom like that I’m sure they’ll feel safe😋.

      Liked by 2 people

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