Crystal sky of yesterday

“Try your best”

One of the best anime movies I’ve ever watched.

I’m sorry the art was just too good so I put a lot of pictures in the beggining. This was actually the first Chinese anime movie, So let’s start the review.


In the late 90’s, in China, Tu Xiaoyi, an high school student, takes no interest in marks and prefers to play video games with his friend nicknamed “Peanut.” One day, he was chosen by his teacher to become the class representative with Yao Zhetian, a very cute girl. He will experience his first love and disappointments.

The rise of Chinese animation in terms of popularity is undeniable in the past few years and as time goes by, anime viewers eventually treated it as an alternative to the cliche and generic Japanese animation. Crystal sky of yesterday manages to perfectly capture the hectic highs and lows of adolescence as well as the lingering regrets we all feel when looking back as an adult. It’s a movie that takes the most ordinary subject of growing up and manages to make it unnaturally beautiful.

The first thing I need to mention when it comes to Crystal Sky of Yesterday is the animation. If you were to watch a trailer for this movie you would likely assume that the animation for this film is on a similar level to Makoto Shinkai’s own films. The art was spectacular with truly jaw-dropping moments, with amazing CGI moments and strive on as it will not affect the plot in any shape or form. Crystal Sky of Yesterday lives up to those expectations. Most of the scenes that shine in this movie also feel like they have taken a lot of inspiration. Sweeping environmental shots that blend traditional 2D and 3D objects as well as incredible attention to detail on lighting, raindrops and water in general call “The Garden of Words” to mind.

I got really emotional at the end but I think it was totally worth it.

Crystal Sky of Yesterday tends tell the story of your own life with all the best and worst parts. You get a similar feeling as if you were the one standing in their place. Even ordinary life can sometimes be complex and confused.


Tu XiaoYi, terrible at studies and excels at drawing aspiring to be a manga artist.

Yao ZheTian, who follows her parent’s wishes and is our protagonists love interest.

Qi JinXuan, the hot-headed son of the director of education.

I think this show is a must watch for people pursuing something to make them think, or reflect back on about their life or think towards the future and what they truly like and want to pursue. I think this movie has not gotten enough praise because it was made in China, well that’s wrong, every movie made in every country is amazing. So I recommend that you guys watch this because it’s really good.

I just ended up taking a lot of pics😋.

Artwork of Crystal Sky of Yesterday

Thank you for reading.


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