My sweet tyrant

“Short and sweet”


Despite his incredible bashfulness, Atsuhiro “Akkun” Kagari has landed the girl of his dreams: the sweet and loveable Non Katagiri. However, his embarrassment for affectionate acts—from giving compliments to exchanging a kiss—causes him to act harsh and downright mean to Katagiri in their day-to-day lives. But Akkun is still very much a boy in love; and he shows his admiration for Katagiri in his own way. From tailing her in order to take her picture to eavesdropping in on her conversations, he ends up stalking his own girlfriend.

Luckily enough, Katagiri finds Akkun’s actions cute and endearing, and knows he doesn’t really mean any of his insults. Even if their close friend, Masago Matsuo, finds their dynamic a little odd, Katagiri loves her sweet tyrant just the way he is.

I’ve got one word to descibe this anime “Sweet” because it is. This anime is best enjoyed any time you want something light-hearted and funny. It doesn’t have any ridiculous drama moments that take you out of it, and overall I think it’s masterfully relaxed and silly. You can’t help but smile when watching this great show.

This anime is just purely adorable. In spite of the harsh words of Akkun, you can tell he just has a difficult time expressing himself in words and Nontan understands him perfectly. The side characters are probably my favorites (especially Chiho). This series makes me smile and laugh with every episode. 

Each episode was almost 4 minutes long and the OP was 1 minute long so, the whole episode was only 3 minutes. I wish the episodes were a little longer but either way I truly enjoyed watching it.

Well this was just a short review. I’d recommend this anime to everyone who loves watching sweet anime.


Well I know this review was really short and I’m desperately trying to extend it but I haven’t got a single idea except for the fact that haikyuu!! has ended after 8 long years. I can’t write any more, I just started crying again. “Why did it have to end?Why?”

Thank you for reading.


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