Struggles of my life during quarantine

Just like the title suggests, I’m really struggling with my life right now and I don’t know what to do. The only thing I want is more time, all I have is 24 hours in my hand(in which 9 hours goes in sleeping) for a day. There are so many things I have to do like eating, watching youtube and movies. I wish, well I have more SERIOUS things to do other than that. I know this post is going to be a lot boring so, I decided to make this a GIF(it has very less gifs) filled post.

Here are some of the impostant things I have to do in a day:


The thing is that since my final exams are coming soon, so that;s why I’m studying this hard. If this was a normal exam, I wouldn’t have minded at all but since my whole life depends on these marks(or something my teachers say), I’m pushing my best to get good marks. I’ve always been an average student, I’d always get atleast 60%(that’s a C) on all my exams. It’s not like I know what to do with my life either way.

Watching anime

This is my only peaceful time in the whole day.. I’m still watching Akkun to Kanojo(just two more episodes to go), I’ve also got the seasonal anime airing right now and also anime movies I promised to watch. So I’ve got a lot going now. Either way watching anime is just enjoyable.

Reading mangas

Currently I have almost 15 mangas on “reading”. Out of the 15 mangas 14 of them are still updating and the one I’m currently reading one which has 160 chapters. It’s kind of a good manga, I’ll be sure to review it.


This is something I won’t forget to do. Well I do take breaks for a day or so but I enjoy blogging so I won’t be stopping anytime soon๐Ÿ˜„.

Reading your posts

Reading your posts is always enjoyable. I learn many things while reading posts from bloggers who have been blogging for years also from others. One of my favorite bloggers is Animegoodreads, I think he is new but either way his posts are amazing, here is one of my favorite Criticizing animes is really difficult. Be sure to check his blog too. where was I, oh yeah, your posts inspire me to write better content for you, so Thank you and keep on posting.

My story

In my 50th post, I told you guys that I’m working on a new story and so far it’s turning out pretty good. Anyway I’m writing all the good scenes that comes to mind. Be sure to check it out when it releases.

And that was my struggles in a day. Time, I’ll tell you how I don’t have any time, so here is my routine.

My routine

  • I wake up at 7:30
  • Attending my online classes from 8:40 in the morning to 3:00 in the evening(yep they’re really that long)
  • Study(time differs)
  • Watching anime
  • Blogging
  • Reading mangas
  • Eat dinner
  • Sleep at 10:00 in the night
  • Well I say I’m going to sleep at 10:00 but all I’m doing is writing my story, so the original time when I go to sleep is 11:00 or 12:00(IDK I’m so absorbed by my story that I forget the time)

And that’s my routine. Well it’s hard to say routine because it changes everyday. Anyway I’m trying to cope up with all that’s hapening but “I don’t know man this all seems pretty impossible for a teenager”. Either way I’m stubborn so I’m not going to take break even if you say so. I think that’s all I have for now.

Thank you for reading.


  1. I’m in the same boat as you. Except replace school with work, studying with some programming hobbies, and the occasional anime. This whole situation has taken away so much from everyone sometimes it’s just tiring. Hopefully it comes to an end so that all of us can resume our normal lives.

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    • Yeah, I wish this was over too. There are a lot of things I want to do but I just do’t have the time. My only hobby was drawing and well I don’t have time to do that, the last time I drew was about a month ago. It would be nice if all this would return to normal.

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    • No problem. I know studying is important and I do study a lot but the thing is that I just have less fun while studying. For example from a scale 1 to 5, I would rate watching anime a 5 and studying a 2 mostly because it’s boring. I understand the importants of studying, it’s just kind of boring studying alone without any friends.

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  2. I actually enjoyed reading this post! Haha I feel you, and we don’t even have classes yet! But well, I’m afraid work and classes might clash next month so I will be busy. Blogging is something serious though ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m excited to read whatever you’re writing dude, tell me when it’s done ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also, good luck on your exams!

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