The God of highschool Ep 2 & 3

You guys thought I forgot, well no my mind was just on a vacation. Yes I forgot, I mean what can I do the whole world right now is so distractive. Okay now that episode 2 and 3 have aired, I’ve decided to review them both. As usual I ended up taking a lot of snaps. This is like I told th whole story right here.

Spoilers ahead!!!

Episode 2: Renewal/soul

So in the last episode Jin faced of against Gang Manseok. In this episode the first preliminary round begins.

The first match in Group A was between Mira facing off against Han Daechul, which ended in a easy victory for Mira. In Group B it was Jin vs The Beast and in Group A’s match 8 it was Daewi vs Yes Man, both Jin and Daewi ended up winning it.

The Group B’ match 8 was between Gang Manseok and Go Gamdo. Gamdo attacked first using a Tai Chi Fist, Rabbit’s Step Dragon’s Strike followed by a Dragon’s Antlers Heavenly Weight and a Ten Thousand Fiery Horse’s strike. Gamdon tries to finish it off using a Steel Demon’s Mountain Blow and Manseok is sent flying out of the stadium and his countdown begins

. After all those barrage of attacks Manseok doesn’t seem to be fazed by it, as the countdown reaches it’s last seconds he jumps into stadium with his abnormal speed and finally starts fighting back and this time Gamdon beaten by one hand.

After a powerful kick, Gamdon falls to the ground and Manseok starts toying with him but Gamdon handles it calmly and uses Yin-Yang Lawful Fist to finish off Manseok but instead Gamdon is sent flying to the post. Manseok tortures Gamdon by memories of his past. He keeps on attacking Gamdon until he will beg for his life but because Gamdon did not ask for his forgiveness Manseok breaks his arms until Jin comes to his aid.

And the fight vs Jin begins for Manseok. Jin kicks Manseok out of the stadium but since Jin interfered with his match, now Jin is asked to fallow the officials but before they could go Manseok uses a powerful attack at Jin but a official steps in between and blocks it without dropping a sweat. But Manseok didn’t stop there he jumped on Jin who was ready to attack as well. Jin manges to defeat Manseok effortlessely leaving all the officials in shock.

Right at end of the episode Park Mujin appears and informs everyone that the tournament will not be suspended.

Summary of episode 2:

Mori, Daewi, and Mira have made it through the first preliminary round. With the next round coming up, the three of them talk about their reasons for entering the tournament. Mira says she’s hoping to find a successor to her late father’s Moon Light Sword Style and rebuild her family’s dojo. On the day of the tournament, one of the favorites to win the tournament, Gang Manseok, faces off against tai chi user Go Gamdo.

Episode 3: Wisdom/Kingdom

After last episode’s battle between Manseok and Gamdon, it ended up both dropping out of the tournament. And now Group A’s match 9 begins, the fight is between Mira vs Ma Miseon.

The both off them start out with precisely a wave od fierce attacks. Miseon uses her special move Bloody Bomb yo finish Mira off but Mira manges to stand up again but his time her katana flies outside the stadium. Mira manages to fight even without her sword, she uses her hand as a Katana and drops a deep cut into Mieson’s body. Mira uses a Moonlight Sword style 5th Formless using her hands which leaves many cuts in Mieson’s body again and she falls to the ground. Mira wins by a knockout. Meanwhile Jin is still stuck inside for violating the rules in the previous episode.

Park Mujin allows Jin to participate again on one condition if he is able to beat Green glasses. On his way home Jin is given a fruit for him to eat along with some refreshments but it is not a normal fruit.

After eating it Jin suddenly feels a stroke in his heart and he begins to spurt blood out of his mouth which causes him to faint.

The next day, Group A’s match 12 between Daewi and Baek Seungchul begins. Baek reads Daewi’s movements and strikes back in no time leaving Daewi shocked. Baek rushes for a finisher but slips, Daewi without talking advantage of that he offers Baek his hand to get up. After getting up Baek uses his attack 12 spears which leaves Daewi hanging on the rope.

Daewi remembers his friend and gets up, he uses Hidden Technique, Four God’s Arm 1st stance Black Tortoise against Baek’s 72 spears and succesfully manages to break Baek’s bat.

After breaking it Daewi uses 2nd stance, Vermillion Bird which Baek manages to evade but Daewi uses 3rd stance White Tiger. Both exchange a barrage of puches, Daewi uses 4th stance but before he could use it Baek falls to the ground leaving Daewi as the winner.

The officials suddenly anounce that Jin’s match to begin but Jin is nowhere to be found, then the scene moves onto Jins’s house where he’s still lying down after eating the fruit. Just before the match begins Jin enters the stadium. The rules of this match will be different, it’s a handicap match, if Jin manages to down the referee even once then he’ll win. After the match started Jin removes the referee’s glasses and pushes him down.

Jin wins the match but the referee started fighting back but Jin manages to pin him down again. The referee unleashes his inner power with a GP of 2500. He starts attacking Jin but just before killing Jin the other officials butted in and stopped him.

The episode ends with Jin resting on the floor.

I wrote so much today, I even had to see episodes again. I’m done for the day.

Thanks for reading.


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