An unpopular opinions tag: “really”

Really, why, this tag is gonna be so hard and people who read this are going to be so mad at me. Citicizing something is a big headache that’s one reason why I review only good anime/manga because I seriously don’t want to say anything bad about it. Anyway here I am doing this tag, I’ll try my best to answer these questions honestly. Some spoilers ahead!!

Ok before I start the tag, I wanna thank Iridium eye reviews for tagging me.

This tag has got me thinking a lot.

Popular series I don’t like

The walking dead

I seriously hate horror for one reason and the other reason, I just don’t get the sries. I don’t know if the age factor is playing on this show but I seriously don’t get it. I’m sure a lot of you guys haven’t watched it so I’m not going to spoil anything for you. I mean when I first started watching this I hoped for something great and I got the opposite, some episodes where really bad, I must say there some really sad moments that got to me but other than that this show was not okay. Even though I said the show was bad I’m still going on because season 10 is coming soon and I wanna see what happens at the end.

One time when I got so mad at walking dead was season 8, I mean there were bad episode after episode. So I think that was a TV show I absoluetely hate.

The seven deadly sins

I don’t know if seven deadly sins is still popular but in 2016 it was pretty famous. Well now onto why I hate this series, to tell the truth this series is like every other shounen series I’ve ever seen. There’s nothing unique in this anime, a typical shounen anime overloaded with pointless fanservice. The anime started with finding the remaining members of the sins then a random fight festival which were both a pain to watch because its too generic.

Popular movie I like, but everyone seems to hate

The world is not enough

I know most people think pierce brosnan is the worst actor who ever portrayed the james bond character or maybe that’s just me. I mean, I did kind of hate him for his other james bond movies but in this one he was just amazing. I don’t know if people hate but I did see that it got very low ratings by the audience. This is most probably my favorite james bond movie so far because I think brosnan did his best in this movie and I really liked it. To tell truth I don’t think pierce brosnan knows how to run, I think daniel craig or roger moore is the better James bond than brosnan but I think he got this role pinned on. This was my favorite dialogue in a james bond movie after

Villian:” James Bond, British Secret Service, License to Kill”


James Bond: “The name is Bond, James Bond”

villian: I could have given you the world.

James Bond: The world is not enough.

Love triangle where the character didn’t end up with the character I wanted

How I met your mother

This was a hard one because in mostly every series my wish came true, the character did end up with the character I wanted . I actually went through every series I watched just to find out this answer and well the answer is barney and robin. Well in HIMYM barney and robin dated a lot and even got married once but they got divorced soon and well after a 15 years or so I think robin ended up with ted. The final episode was definetely what I was hoping for, even though ted and robin made a good couple, I think barney was the greater man. Well anyway I hate the last episode, barney becomes a father, ted goes to see robin after 15 years or so I mean what kind of ending is that. I think barney and robin made the best couple.


A love triangle at the begining of the story. I wanted onodera to end up with ichijou but it was chitoge instead. Well I did really want onodera to win but I guess chitoge was good to. I can’t make up my mind.

Popular genre you hardly watch


I read all of the other posts and saw that most of you have given romance as the answer for this question but as you guys know romance is the only genre I read/watch these days, action and thriller sometimes. Horror, I really can’t stand horror movies, I mistakely watched paranormal activity and I couldn’t sleep for a week. Well this goes for even anime and manga, I get really scared so I just avoid horror movies and just sticking action or romance. I even see slasher films sometimes but I’ve gotta say slasher films aren’t half as scary as horror movies. The one thing I hate about horror movies is the sound effects I mean it even scares my guts off. I also hardly watch drama movies because it’s really boring but compared to horror I think drama is way better atleast it won’t give nightmares. Drama movies make sleepy and horror movies takes my sleep away.

Beloved character you don’t like

Jack reacher

This one was kind of though too. Jack reacher played by tom cruise, personally he’s my favorite actor. I really loved his potrayal of my favorite character Jerry Maguire but Jack reacher is just way off I mean we’ve seen him as Ethan Hunt in many mission impossible movies and it’s one of the best action movies characters. I was hoping for the same in Jack reacher but as for me I think he is just too perfect, he was in the army, he is like a ghost, he has perfect memory, I mean even James Bond isn’t this perfect. I kinda liked movie the character just ruined the movie for me.

Popular show or series I can’t get into


The greatest TV show of all time. I know people really loved this show in the nineties and I really like the 90’s shows too but for some reason I can’t get into seinfeld. A few episodes were really funny but other than that I can’t really say that this a laugh and live show. I guess that’s maybe I watched a lot of the 2000’s shows such as HIMYM or Two and a half men so I guess seinfeld is not for me.

Kimetsu no yaiba

Yes I know “why do I hate demon slayer” I don’t know. I know that demon slayer is pretty famous right now and especially in 2019. I did watch the first few episodes but after the 5th episode I lost interest in watching it. I guess the story was something I couldn’t get into.

Popular show or movie I have no interest in seeing

Mad Max

I know this a very popular series but I don’t really wanna watch it and the reasonis that I don’t like these kinds of things. I did see couple of scenes from youtube and also I did see the trailer which made not wanna see it even more. I know that the movie has a lot of amazing action scenes but maybe this movie is just not made for me.


With it’s third season this show is rocking right now. Even though the art, story and animation are amazing I still don’t want to watch it. I have not been a big fan of historical drama sice I was young, studying history may have been the most boring thing I’ve ever done in my school life till now. So I guess I have to pass on this anime.

Popular show or movie I prefer over the book

James bond series

Yes, the james bond series. I have read almost most of Ian flemming’s James Bond books but I think the movie franchise was slightly better than the book. The one factor that made the movies better was the different actors used in different movies to portray james bond. Each actor has brings out new qualities in james bond, for example sean connery isn’t really too scared off the villians and never gets flustered, roger moore is getting in with the ladies a lot, pierce brosnan’s use of gadgets and daniel craig’s amazing stunts. The one factor might also be the director’s and their perspective in each james bond movie but anyway this was a great franchise to watch.

Popular anime I prefer over the manga

The world god only knows

I actually saw he anime first and then I read the manga. So why I like the anime is because it’s way better than it’s manga. When comparing, I think the art is more nice and the story is much more clear for me. In the manga there were some chapters I couldn’t fully understand what was going on, I just had to work my way to the next chapter with my imagination. The anime was kind of better because I could finally understand the story and the characters were much more relatable.

Tagging time

And the people are “drumroll please”

Raven’s nest

Trash weebs

Diary of an aesthetic girl


The spooky red head

Anime as a cup of tea

This was a post where I thought a lot, if I though this much during my exam maybe I would’ve gotten full marks. I know most fans would be pissed after seeing this post, well I did tell you that this was a honest post. Anyway this was a fun tag to do and I really enjoyed it.

Thank you for reading.


    • Seriously why would you think that. Your one of my favorites, you’ve been supporting me even before others, so there’s no reason for you to think that I hate you. In fact, I tagged you because your last few posts were really interesting and well I wanted know your opinions too.
      Raven, I love you(that came out wrong lol). Raven, you’re my best friend blooging buddy, so please be my blogging buddy too(I’ve been reading a lot of mangas, so I’m coming up with a lot of dialogue’s lol).
      Anway I’m looking forward to your post😊.

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  1. Another quick turnaround! You and Scott came out with these so rapidly. I definitely agree with The Walking Dead and Seinfeld. From what little I’ve seen of TWD, I found it repetitive and not as gritty as people claim for it to be. Seinfeld does have funny moments which I won’t deny, but multiple parts are quite outdated and suffers from unintentional period piece syndrome a LOT in hindsight (seriously, look at the fashion, hair styles, pop culture references, and the technology in any given episode). As for Mad Max, you’re not missing much. I’ve seen far better in the post-apocalyptic genre especially in the anime field. Besides, Kurogane Communication beats Mad Max any day of the week with it’s positivity and deconstructive nature of the genre.

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    • Well the reason I posted so quickly was that I was really bored and I thought this tag was a perfect way to kill time although I just wasted 2 hours finding just what I hate. Seinfeld’s first season was kind of okay but rather than that like you said the jokes are really outdated. Maybe if I was born in the nineties I could’ve enjoyed it. I have not seen a lot of post-apocalyptic genred movies or anime, so it’s kind of hard to imagine. Well anyway thanks for the tag I kinda really enjoyed criticizing things although I’m never doing it again.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Gotcha. It’s still cool that you did this challenge. Sometimes it can be tough finding out what you don’t like although some were easy for me on my list. I’m not too familiar which season had what episodes, but a bunch of those jokes were probably better in the nineties or could be appreciated more to people who lived in that decade. Post-apocalyptic works can be hit or miss with me. No problem! I understand.

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      • No problem. I can see how it could be exhausting thinking of things you dislike or having contrary opinions in general. When I started out blogging, I wondered if people would freak out about some of my opinions. Real talk, I thought I would get death threats when I first reviewed Kimba the White Lion 3 years ago since I talk about THAT plagiarism controversy. After that, I did my best to be honest when it comes to different matters, but not to troll people.

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      • Well I still think people would freak out about my opinions. It’s like that James Bond dialogue
        “We all have our secrets, we just haven’t got to mine yet”(slightly changed the dialogue). I have a lot of weird thoughts, I told that I would get all my weird thoughts out after I hit 100 followers but I’m still slightly scared.
        I guess that’s no reason to quit so I’m going to do it, thanks for the encouragement😊. I know you must be thinking that you didn’t do anything but it’s the opposite so thank you.

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      • Is that so? That’s a good quote, by the way. I have some atypical thoughts on different things, so I can relate. Yeah, just keep on keeping on with your blog! I’m glad to have encouraged you.

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    • This tag sure was fun for me. Jack teacher, well it’s not like I hate tom cruise or the movie, I’m just saying that the character and the story had no connection whatsoever.
      I know that feeling, my parents do the same thing, they always want to watch the old classics or movies I absolutely hate😒.

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  2. This post made me laugh. I heard that some people’s brain are wired differently. That’s why some like horror. I have Type A personality. I feel alert when I watch horror. Don’t worry I don’t think you pissed people off. Everyone is entitled to what they like and don’t like.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you liked it😊. I sure hope I haven’t pissed anyone off, well I just think that I’m in that age where I’m really scared of people judging. Don’t worry I have a strong heart and thanks for reading friend😄.


  3. I’m partly to blame for this lol I’ve been doing a Blog Tag game on my blog and my readers voted this tag for me to complete. Someone I tagged, tagged someone else and so on and it’s got to you. It’s great to see how it’s passed on among geeky bloggers but I really do apologise for the headache! *hugs*

    I’m 100% there with you on the Walking Dead. I’m surprised that so many people feel the same way about this show! As for Mad Max; you really haven’t missed much. My partner got me the box set for my birthday so we could catch up as we’d never seen them and then watch the new movie. We watched them all and we were like… urgh… The new one was good, but the old ones, nope… do not get the fascination with those at all and normally I LOVE 80s action/sci fi movies. I’m all over the apocalyptic vibe.

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    • No need to blame yourself *hugs*. I’m glad you created this tag because I really really enjoyed doing it, this tag made me go back to all the movies I’ve ever seen, there were both sweet and sour memories.
      Walking dead just ruined it with the upcoming seasons and you were right about the apocalyptic vibe thing because I seriously don’t like it in movies.
      I think the people whom I tagged also had a great time doing this tag😊, so actually thank you for creating such a interesting tag.


  4. I feel you on this one… idk why but I just can’t get into Kimetsu no Yaiba. I have tried twice and failed to be interested in it ( the manga), but I might give the anime a try and if that doesn’t work than I have no idea what will.

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  5. Interesting answers! I haven’t seen ‘The Walking Dead’, but I’ve heard its overall quality has regressed. While I have seen a few segments and snippets of ‘Seinfield’, the show itself is not my cup of tea either. I not only wrote my own unpopular opinions tag post, but I also tagged you for the Hallotober Tag! Here are the links:

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      • You’re welcome! The way you feel about ‘The Walking Dead’ is similar to the way I feel about the Hallmark show, ‘Good Witch’. The first two seasons were good. But the third season and the movie associated with it, ‘Good Witch: Spellbound’, were so poorly written, I stopped watching the show.

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