The Next Generation Of Shonen!

Well, this is my first time reblogging someone’s post. So who am I reblogging it’s “Twilight cavern”, these guys are amazing although they mostly talk about one piece. They have really supported me and I wanted to do the same😊. Be sure to check out the rest of their content.

Twilights Cavern

Twilight’s Cavern

Welcome back to the Cavern everyone this is BlacxMasx bringing you another post. With Shonen Jump on break this week I think it’s appropriate we stop and talk about the future of shounen

So many series have been ending recently. Series that many of us know and love. Others who have gained popularityquick enough for the world to miss them when they leave. Demon Slayer, Haikyu, ThePromised Neverland, series like this made up number 1-3 slots in sales and popularity depending on which year you look at. I know I certainly loved reading each of these myself. But it’s time to say good-bye to the old titles and hello to all the new and exciting ones.

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The space left by some very popular manga is slowly being filled up with wonderful contenders, and importantly the top series One Piece is still…

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