Monthly fan art(August 2020)

Yes, I’m really bored right now and I’m really out of touch for drawing. So I created monthly fan arts, well the twist is that I draw whatever you tell me to draw. I’ll explain what happens later. I just simply created this “thing” to get back my touch. Also I saw other bloggers do this and it seemed fun so I wanted to try it myself. I’m only good at drawing anime and manga characters so please don’t give me any real things or sceneries because I suck at drawing them. Take a look at my drawings here.

What happens

  • You give me one anime/manga character to draw in the comment section
  • I try my best to draw it
  • I give up
  • After a few days take a look at the drawings I drew, I give up again
  • Just before the end of the month I finish all the drawings
  • At the end of the month I make a post to show all your characters

Well that’s all. One of my best drawings above, I’m just kidding I draw better than that, oh and don’t forget to leave your comments down.


    • Thank you😊. Well those are old drawings, the last time I drew DBZ was like mostly a year ago and the reason why some drawings have no face is because sometimes drawing the face became hard and I didn’t ruin the whole drawing so I left it like that.
      Well like I said I don’t draw much now but I’ll make sure to draw the faces and maybe start drawing DBZ again.

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