Tanjiro from Demon slayer

Finally I finished drawing it. Morningstar gave me Tanjiro from Demon slayer to draw. Honestly since I was not into the anime, I didn’t give a thought about drawing characters from it but this challenge is actually making me improve by drawing characters I never drew before.

Pencil version

Sketched version

Final edited version

To be honest, I kinda liked the pencil version because it was more like art. The most difficult part while drawing this was the “round thing” in the sword because I seriously struggled to make it look in 3D. The other part I struggled with was pen type, since I’m in lockdown I need to draw with whatever pen I got so it was pretty hard drawing with only one pen.

Erasing. If you draw in a paper you know what I’m talikng about. Erasing is the most annoyig thing to do after you finish drawing because when you drew your best work and while erasing because just one bad move and the whole drawing gets ruined and your whole time you spent while drawing became useless. Fortunately that didn’t happen to me today but I sure took my time for erasing.

Oh and don’t worry I haven’t forgot about the others requests.

That’s all I have for today hope you like the drawing.

Thanks for reading.


      • Thank you again but I’m not the only great one here, I don’t know how I only just now discovered your blog because your posts are amazing. They’re really lovely to read especially your daily quotes😊. So I think I should not be the one getting all the credit here.


      • That’s soo sweet of you! Thanks a lot! I’m so happy that this new daily quotes series is really enjoyable and Interesting for you guys! It’s just amazing how many talented bloggers and people there are out here! Btw do you mind if I use this as some feedback on my site for my thoughts page? And do you have an about page?

        Liked by 1 person

      • I didn’t it was new but either way it’s really enjoyable😄. You can definetely use this as feedback and don’t worry you’ll be getting more of these soon.
        Yeah, I do have an about page but the last time I updated was 2 months ago, I should really update it right now.
        Actually If you think about it all the friends I made here including you are the real sweet ones😊.


      • That maybe because I started this blog only 3 months ago and I seriously had no idea how this whole wordpress worked so I kinda didn’t know how to connnect with people but now that I do I’m really happy😄.
        Thank you for reading😊.


      • Same here! I started 3 months ago but I only started blogging properly(properly according to me🤣 I’m still new here) from last month! I’m so happy with connect with people too!

        Liked by 1 person

      • What, really!! This is like the most amazing and the best coincidence ever. I seriously had no idea I could meet such sweet people in a place like this. Blogging was something I never considered but now I’m really thankful because I got to meet a lot of sweet like you people here.


      • Yeaah!! Ikr! Exactly!!! You’re sooo right! Even I didn’t consider blogging but I’m glad too that I did! This is one of the best experiences of my life! I’m 15 and I’ll keep blogging for a long time now! Wbu?

        Liked by 1 person

      • You’re 15, well I’m younger than you, I think(I’m 14)😄. I’m considering blogging for a long time too but since my finals are coming soon so I may go on a hiatus for a few months. But before my exams I’ll be sure to post amazing content for you guys and after my exams I’ll make my ultimate comeback(I think).


      • Same! I have my finals too so even I’m going on a hiatus soon… I just turned 15 2 months ago 🤣 wbu? Did you just turn 14? Or are you gonna turn 15 soon? Can’t wait fr ur next post btw!

        Liked by 1 person

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