How I started loving anime

I’m so happy right now. The weekend is coming soon which means I finally get a break from studies and now I can discuss my favorite topic “Anime”(although I’ve been discussing about it everyday). So how I started loving anime, this is going to be a long story or rather a short one and for some reason wordpress is really slow right now.

Ok so how many of you remember Animax. For people who don’t know, Animax is a Japanese anime satellite television network, dedicated to broadcasting anime programming. The channel also dubbed cartoons in Japanese language.

What does Animax have to do with me loving anime?

Good question. I think it was 2015 when animax was released in India. It was november when I had go out to a for dinner and just before minutes leaving I switched on the TV to make sure my movie was getting recorded when I accidentely pressed the wrong number which led me to Animax and the first anime that was running was Naruto.

I know, there is no more accidental way than mine to discover an anime. Anyway from that day I started watching anime, I watched almost more than 70 anime on animax. From Naruto to www. working. It was a great experience for me as I’ve never seen an anime before.

My anime friend

I was happy that I was watching anime but I also felt sad that I couldn’t share it with anyone. I definetely did not think of blogging then, so I kinda kept anime to myself. Until one fateful day(not romantic kinda view), we 5th graders were supposed to sit with the 8th graders during free period.

I had two 8th graders sitting besides me, while I was in my own world thinking about anime I had somebody say something about anime. It was one of the 8th graders talking to his friends and from nowhere I had the courage to ask him if he watches anime, now for the twist, he said “no” and immediately I thought that my mind was playing tricks with me but before I had the chance to say sorry he said “the one who watches anime is that guy”. It was his friend who was sitting next to him, so this time I leaned back and called him.

Me: “psst, do you watch anime”

Him: ‘Yeah, so what”

Me: “Then do you know nisekoi”

Him: “Yeah”

Then we started talking about anime and other stuff. I guess he was the first person I ever talked to about anime. Well after that we were friends(I considered) for two more years when he left the school after finishing his 10th and now I don’t know where he is or what he does, well anyway I’m happy that I met a friend like him.

So what does a friend have to do with me loving anime. Well he knew a lot of anime and after a bit of time he started talking about anime I’ve never even heard of, of course that made me wanna know even more than him and in that same somewhat competetive spirit I started loving anime.

I indulged myself in watching anime and from that day on till he left the school was the most memorable moment of my life. Although I’m enjoying myself here with all you guys and now I have more than 200 friends, so I think I’m living my life right now. You know if I could have clubs at India then I would’ve definetely created a anime club.

Every now and then I think “Ahhh I should’ve gotten his number” but sometimes I think we’ll meet again, so if we do meet I’ll definetely be looking forward to it. The most surprising thing that would happen right now is that if he read this post lol.

Thank you for reading.


  1. OMG! Animax was my life in high school! Like your experience, I accidentally discovered it as well. That time, Fairy Tail was on air. It was funny because I was reading the first volume of Fairy Tail, borrowed it from a friend, earlier that day. Anyway, Animax gave me so many wonderful anime. As far I can remember, here are some that I watched:

    1. Nura Rise of the Yokai Clan
    2. Nura Demon Capital
    3. Maid-sama!
    4. Naruto
    5. rental magica
    5. k on
    6. K
    7. Baka and Test: Summon the beast
    8. Letter Bee
    9. Hunter x Hunter
    10. Hyperdimension Neptunia
    11. Bleach

    Though I didn’t finish some of them, I’m still grateful to get to know such amazing worlds! 🙂

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    • Animax was my life too until it got disabled in my country in 2018 after that I watched very less anime. During the 3 years animax ran I watched more than 80 anime but after I stopped watching anime because it was kinda boring without animax. From the day animax got disabled till now I’ve seen only like 30 anime in 2 years, it’s kinda lonely without it since I’ve got so many memories with it. Actually I made a whole list of what anime I’ve watched in animax so maybe I’ll do a post about it.
      I’m also really grateful to get to know such amazing worlds😄.

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  2. You had mroe luck than I did! I started out watching anime abck in the days of VHS tapes, and the one anime fan I came across in high school was quite ‘elitist. You had to share his opinions on what was good or what to watch or he’d think you were terrible. I briefly experienced Animax in the UK, but we left the service after one too many months with technical issues. We did have the anime channel though, which rekindled my love for the medium a fair bit after I saw Wolf’s Rain, .Hack//SIGN, Ghost in the Shell: SAC, and Bleach on there.

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    • Wow, looks like you had quite the school life. Well animax was disabled in my country in 2018 so I had to find other websites to view anime. After animax went till now I’ve watched only like 30 or 35 anime in 2 years but anyway now I’m watching to my heart’s content.

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  3. Woah this post is amazing!!! 😍 I’ve never watched anime before… But your description on ut makes it sound like it truly is amazing!! So I think I’m gonna give it a shot! Do you have any suggestions as to what to watch first?

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  4. Great post! The desire to talk about something you love is definitely a big thing I felt too! The guy who introduced one piece to me stopped watching it, so it was a little bit lonely reading it alone. It was good but I mostly kept it to myself. I later found other great outlets to express my love for these manga, but writing it in a blog had definitely made it so much more expressive and fun. Great story!

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  5. Hey! I’ve received your Collab post! It was really great! However, I am just realising all the work I have these days so I won’t be able to do a Collab… However, I will be posting both your posts that you sent as guest posts because they were amazing!

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