Accidentally discovering things

There are no accidents

Master oogway

I seriously have no idea if master oogway is right or wrong because I have discovered a lot of mangas and anime by accident or maybe by fate, I don’t know. Accidents happen because they were fated to happen I guess, well sometimes I “accidentally” discover things. It can be movies, anime, manga and even other things.

For example just yesterday I “accidentally” discovered this amazing webtoon called something about us. I don’t how many of you have heard of this but so far the chapters I read were pretty amazing. So how I discovered it was when a image of it came up when I was searching for something else. Something about us is a romance webtoon and if I’d searched for romance webtoons or manga then it wouldn’t be a accident but nothing like that happened , I was just looking at some images of anime. So I guess that’s accidental.

Accidentally discovering manga and anime is one thing but enjoying them is another. You can accidentally discover things all you want but there are only quite a few that makes us truly enjoy it. For example take suzuka, after taking a break from reading manga for a year I started reading Hajime no ippo in my summer break of 2019. I don’t know what happened then but for some reason I had the sudden uge to raed mangas again. So where aws I, yeah hajime no ippo was a pectacular manga I would rad almost 150 chapters each day just to finish all the fight scenes and once I got to it’s latest update, I had to find a another manga to read but fortunately I found it but it was not suzuka.

Definetely not suzuka but it was fuuka(suzuka’s sequel), of course I didn’t know it at the time, when I saw it’s cover I kinda felt nostalgic so I went and checked out the first chapter and I have already read that chapter before. Since it was a manga I already kinda knew I started reading it and it quickly became my favorites. I enjoyed reading it until the one chapter which ruined it(I don’t want to ruin it for you guys if you’re looking to raed but I’ll say this, there’s tragedy involved in it).

Well after that certain chapter I felt so heartbroken I stopped reading it and I kinda wanted to quit manga again. I didn’t have the courage to read another manga, after a few days I went back to manga to atleast read the end when I noticed it had a prequel “Suzuka”. When I went and checked it out it was raelly old because the art was too dark and kinda didn’t like it. When I was looking for some more mangas to read to just get that tragedy out of my head when I found myself going back to suzuka.

This time instead of continuing from the the chapter I last read, I went straight to the end to chack if there was a tragedy involved, thank god there was none. I couldn’t find any other manga so I ended up reading suzuka, after a few chapters I thought this was like every other romance mangas but I was wrong at the time I never read anything like that. It caught my heart and I fell in love with that series and I truly enjoyed reading it and

“now I think maybe it wasn’t an accident but it was fate”

From that day I read a lot of mangas. A lot of romance mangas. I’m really thankful that I got read it because if it wasn’t for that manga I wouldn’t even be here talkinga about my love for mangas and animes. I guess you know how I accidentally discovered anime in the last post.

Movies are the most easiest things to accidentally discover because youcan easily discover them by switching channels. So this is how I discovered Jerry maguire- by switching channels. Jerry maguire’s actor is tom cruise and I love tom cruise for his action sequels such as mission impossible but I was kinda interested to see his role before he did mission impossibele.

So I didn’t watch this movie from first, I just continued after the starting 20 minutes was over. The only actor I knew in that movie was tom cruise, nobody else. I was kinda interested in the movie because it had sports in it and we all know tom cruise is good at running but that was not the case tom cruise was just an sports agent. Another surprising thing was that there was even romance in it, I mean I was seriously confused. Romance and sports, just which genre was it. It was both by the way. When the movie ended I absoluetely loved it, I was totally mesmerized by tom’s acting and even all the other aactors in that movie, every single scene was worth watching.

And to tell you the truth this was the scene that truly got me. This became my favorite film of all time.

“Well I guess sometimes discovering things accidentally isn’t so bad”

Tell me in the comments what are some series you accidentally discovered but totally loved it.

Thank you for reading.


  1. When I was your age (around 15 years), I accidently discovered this show called “House M. D” on Star World Television Channel. When I first looked at it, I thought that this is just another dramatic show showing some doctors treat some patients. However I was wrong, since House M.D happened to be a show involving lots of mysteries and thrills which later they found out to be about rare diseases and their struggle to cure such a patient was amazing. The patients do act like the ones and real life and it is pain in the a** to treat such patients and on top of that their disease as well.

    It also shows some conflicts among the doctors regarding the procedures and little things that adds spice to the overall show. Yes it is a little bit gross to watch because there is tons of blood, urine and etc shown in the entire series. I never completed the entire series but I liked only some of the episodes.

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    • Well I never watch long sitcoms if they’re not comedy because I can’t handle more than one season of thriller or mystery. I kinda like a whole-hearted that could make me laugh but I guess I could understand.
      I’m glad I got to know you better.

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  2. Well, most of my favorite shows are shows other members of my family liked first, and then I caught on. Dunno if this is what you mean by accidentally, but I did accidentally fall in love with Tangled the Series sorta by accident, because I had no interest in it, and then I watched one of the song clips, and was like, YES. But yeah, I can’t really think of anything else! Most shows I watch are deliberate.

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    • I guess accidents do happen. Well most of the things I wrote about is accident I think because I don’t know either. I guess if we believe it’s by accident then it’s by accident.
      Thank you for reading😊. Glad to know you better.

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  3. I don’t even remember how many years ago, my phone screen suddenly blocked down while I I reading a love comedy (if I’m not mistaken it was Special A) and, as I was going insane because it was new, I touched randomly until it got completely black. When it turned on again it was on the 4th chapter of One punch man. Since the style was pretty interesting I went on the first chapter to take a look. It was love at first sight, read.
    ONE PUNCH MAN is now one of my favourite manga!
    I like thinking if was fate😆
    Maybe a bit creepy, tough…

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  4. I believe everything happens for a reason and there are no accidents or coincidences. My life today can be traced back to people that I met years ago. Each one has taught me a lesson. Thank you for sharing and following my blog. Take care.

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  5. What an amazing tale! Through one manga, which had this one part that depressed you, you ended up finding the love for a whole bunch of mangas~ Accidental Fate, one could say~

    Some of my favorite accidental discovery shows comes from just watching television with my grandma; Shows like The Golden Girls, Frasier, Hot in Cleveland, and NCIS (the last of which I haven’t watched too often, but still remember deeply) just came from me showing up in the room when the shows were on, and I ended up getting hooked

    Eventually, through one of these “grandma shows” (probably The Golden Girls?) I ended up discovering, on DirecTV, a channel called “FETV” , and I ended up finding a bunch of shows to watch, like Perry Mason, Matlock, Hart to Hart, and more! (Which, I came to find out, included some more shows my grandma watched~)

    I’m glad you were able to discover your passion this way. Perhaps it is fate after all…

    P.S. I’ll have to check out Jerry Maguire ^v^

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    • Thank you for reading😊. “Accidental fate”, sounds good. Wow, I haven’t heard of those shows but it seems that you really loved them and jerry maguire is a great movie in my opinion.
      perhaps it was fate after all😄.

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