Something about us – best webtoon I’ve read

The best webtoon I read so far. Something about us beats my other favorite A good day to be a dog. This webtoon is extremely good that’s why I gave it full ratings. Something about us is a webtoon about how a boy-girl best friend’s relationship changes when they realize their feelings for each other. I know childhood friends to lovers is a a very famous plot when it comes to shoujo but how does something about us differ from the others.

Something about us is mostly the same, when both the main protagonists enter college they realize their feelings but this nothing like shoujos, the webtoon takes to the choices we would’ve made if we’re them. Not only that there’s not much drama like shoujo mangas although there is love triangles in the middle. This webtoon showcased a unique friendship between the two main leads with a great execution of their growth personally and professionally. The moment I began reading I couldn’t even stop.

The one thing I like in something about us is that the author shows the story before and after they were a couple. The two main characters are Gayeong Do and Woojin Han. I really like the characters in this story because all the characters are likable.

The art is just spectacular, an webtoon is most fun to read when the art is good and since webtoon’s are mostly color it’s even more amazing to read. Something about us has some really cute scenes which I think were perfectly drawn.

The story was beautifully written, but I felt certain chapters were a bit rushed. A typical “boys and girls can never truly be best friends without one falling for another”. Being friend-zoned, heartbroken, dumped, and all of the consecutive terms that follow after; I really enjoyed the story.

I have to rate enjoyment a 10 because it really kept me on the edge of my bed. The webtoon gets better around the 50th chapter when the story really starts to pull us in. Seeing the main character try so hard to escape the friend-zone and actually succeeding was the best part of the story!

I wish this story went on forever because I could read it everyday. When I reached the last chapter I literally had tears in my eyes. This truly is the best webtoon I’ve read.

I’ve also read some of the other’s review on this manga and everybody loved it. I have no idea how this is not famous. Anyway this webtoon is worth a definite read and you definitely won’t regret it.

Thank you for reading.


    • Maybe an half an hour(I’m kinda of a fast reader). I just pick up a new series as soon as I complete one because I love reading things like thatπŸ˜„. This series I haven’t comlpeted yet I’m still in it’s side stories, I started it two days ago I think.
      Watching anime probably depends on the time duration of each episode. If it’s 20 min each episode then maybe an hour and if it’s near 30 min then maybe a hour and a half.
      I feel like I have all the time in the world but in fact I have too less time to do other thingsπŸ˜….

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