Webtoons month

I just got this idea after I read something about us. Why don’t I take a break from manga. I mean I’ve been reading a lot of mangas lately so I thought how about I do something different and I arrived at this idea. Reading only webtoons for a month. Well I’ve already finished something about us, why I don’t raed some more.

Here are some of the webtoons I’m going to be reading this month:

Cheese in the trap


Seol Hong is a hard-working student, who has returned to college after a long break. Jung Yu is a senior at the college known as Mr. Perfect. Seol feels like her life took a turn for the worse since she got involved with Jung. Is Jung intentionally turning Seol’s life?

OMG this webtoon has four seasons, I don’t think I’ll be able to finish all four seasons but I’ll try. There are 299 chapters in total. Seriously why didn’t I chose a manga with less chapters than this.



With Kang Dol’s crush on Yang Yang growing larger and larger, he decides to confess his feelings. With his back turned against her, he makes a courageous confession. But when he opens his eyes and turns around, instead of Yang Yang, he finds Min Dosim standing in front of him. Oops?! But the more shocking twist is that Dosim, the school’s most popular girl, mistakenly obliges and they decide to go out! What is Kang Dol supposed to do to fix this mess?

1 Plus 1


This romance starts with some bumps in the night, that turn into some truly irritating bumps in the day, that then turn into Sung-eun literally bumping into the reason for all the noise: her handsome and charming neighbor, Eun-sung. She quickly finds out that the private student representative has a somewhat questionable reputation, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t do her duty as the kind neighbor. I mean, they are literal neighbors, after all. She hides her true feelings to him, and the two grow so close that it isn’t long before Sung-eun has to wonder if maybe Eun-sung…is also hiding something from her?

Well that’s all I’m going to read this month. I know it’s too less for me but I’m trying to cut down on the number of chapters I read everyday so that I could enjoy each webtoon. Maybe if I have time I would read more series but for now that’s all.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Ohh Cheese in the trap~
    I have been reading this for a while now and I am currently at chapter 200, I started the drama first and liked it even though it was mentioned the end deviates from the webtoon.
    To be honest it’s a really interesting webtoon and the series too, while I still prefer the webtoon but drama Inho is still bae~

    The way of story-telling, jumps between past and present, all the characters who seem simple yet complex and relatable makes the webtoon so interesting, as well as the psychological play und perspectives.

    I dunno how far you read but it’s worth it!

    Liked by 1 person

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