I don’t know what to do

Yeah, you read the title right. I don’t know what to do. And also for some reason I’m feeling really down today. I’m even listening to all my favorite songs and well those don’t seem to doing much. Maybe it’s because I finally finished something about us(extra chapters) and I’m feeling more down than usual.

Okay let me get to the point. So, I think most of you know that suzuka is my most favorite manga of all time and well thing is that I think I like something about us even more than suzuka. I know that this isn’t a big matter but I’m banging my head over here. On one side I have a manga that I have loved for more than a year and on he other hand I have a webtoon that had everything I hoped for in a story. This is why I’m so bad at making decisions. I could place them at the same position but that doesn’t feel right. The both even start with the same letter. Arghhhhh I don’t know what to do.

well anyway moving on, I started reading 1 plus 1 and I gotta say so far it’s nice. This romance starts with some bumps in the night, that turn into some truly irritating bumps in the day, that then turn into Sung-eun literally bumping into the reason for all the noise: her handsome and charming neighbor, Eun-sung. She quickly finds out that the private student representative has a somewhat questionable reputation, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t do her duty as the kind neighbor. I mean, they are literal neighbors, after all. She hides her true feelings to him, and the two grow so close that it isn’t long before Sung-eun has to wonder if maybe Eun-sung…is also hiding something from her?

I’m really looking forward to reading the rest of it.

I guess that’s all I have. Oh here are the other two drawings for this month.

Kaiba took forever for me to shade, also I suck at shading. I’ve gotta say ryuk looks pretty good. This is the second time I drew ryuk, the first time I drew him was a total disaster. I was trying to be creative and I kinda wanted to paint but knowing I suck at painting too, I totally ruined it. Well atleast this time it turned out good. And now I’m only I’m remembering I forgot to draw ryuk’s hand. I think I’ve almost listened to a million songs while drawing this.

I’ve gotta say I almost broke my pencil out of frustration while drawing kaiba. I mean how am I supposed to draw with 5 different shades with one led pencil and every time the led kept on breaking. Arghhhhhhhh. Anyway I’m happy it turned out well.

Thanks for reading.


  1. If you’re looking to start another series, I feel like you’d might be interested in Ming Gi Nyu~ It seems up your alley if you liked Something About Us and Cheese in the Trap~ The official English version is on Tapas though~ (´• ω •`)

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  2. I was a bit confused. Are you feeling down because you don’t know which series you like more, and that was why you didn’t know what to do? That’s totally fine. Even if it’s not that, make sure you take some time to care for yourself, be it one GUILT FREE minute to just relax and do nothing, drink water/stretch, find someone to talk to, or journal/get things out of your system. Take care! (I do realize this was a while ago haha)

    P.S. Drawings are amazing. So much better than my own ratty drawings lol

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