A blog story: Chapter 2

Well it seemed like you guys loved the first chapter. Let’s start.

I AM SO CONFUSED Right now. So this is what happened so far.

  1. I visited stranger’s blog
  2. I accidentally followed her blog just because her profile pic had an anime character
  3. I read her latest post which was about my favorite manga
  4. I was devastated because she doesn’t like romance and she gave my favorite manga a 4/10
  5. While I was recovering from my biggest shock I got a notification saying

“stranger followed and commented in your blog” and the comment read “Wow, great list. Uzumaki’s my favorite manga of all time. It’s nice to meet someone who loves horror mangas”.

Okay, now what am I supposed to do. I’m freaking scared of horror, the only reason why I wrote that post is that my friend wanted my recommendation for horror mangas, and on top of that she hates romance. Just what am I supposed to do.

After 15 mins of hardcore thinking:

After thinking my mind out I finally came down to three scenarios.

First scenario

I tell her that, I don’t like horror mangas. After that, she would most probably be disappointed(like me) and she would unfollow me.

Second scenario

I just go on with it and tell her “Of course, I love horror mangas and Junji Ito’s my favorite mangaka of all time”. Then afterward she would most probably like my comment and maybe still follow me.

Third scenario

I don’t reply.

Yeah no. I’m not doing the third scenario, even if I have only 10 followers(who are my mother and my grandmother and their friends), I’ll be nice to them. So I’m gonna go with the first scenario. I don’t care if she is disappointed in me, she has to know the truth. I muster up all my courage to write my reply. After thinking a lot about what to write, I finally came up with the almost perfect way, to tell the truth.

I write my reply in the fastest way because the more I think about it the sadder I get.

“I’m sorry but I don’t hate horror. I only wrote this list because my close friend asked my recommendations for some good horror manga. I’m sorry”

I hit send. Phew finally now I can relax.

I grab a bowl of popcorn and my favorite cup of coffee from the kitchen to watch Netflix on my computer. I’ve been dying to see Kaguya-sama love is war season 2. Now I don’t have to worry about horror mangas is what I thought when I got another notification saying ” Stranger liked and replied your comment on 10 horror mangas to read”

Her comment read “Don’t be sorry, horror mangas are an amazing thing. You’re a nice guy, I mean if a close friend asked me to make a big post just to explain my favorite horror mangas, I’d reject them. I’m looking forward to your future posts”


I thought maybe she misunderstood my reply so I take a look at my reply. It said

“I’m sorry but I don’t hate horror. I only wrote this list because my close friend asked my recommendations for some good horror manga. I’m sorry”

Why? Why? Why? Just why does this keep happening to me. First I messed up and second I mess up again. What the hell am I supposed to do now, I’ve run out of options. Now I definitely can’t say the truth. I don’t know what to do.

I know that the chapter is short but I think it’s more nice short. Don’t worry I’ll post new chapters often now.


    • I know that🤣🤣, well one thing that is that there is no love triangle here and as long as people are loving it, I’m fine with it.
      Plus I hate misunderstandings when something is on the line, here there are only two characters. I’m sure there won’t be that much misunderstandings in the future🤣.

      Liked by 1 person

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