Zense coupling

I know that webtoon month is not over yet but I wanted to read this manga for a long time and when I saw that it was completed, I couldn’t stop myself. I’ve always loved more than one stories in a single manga and I truly enjoyed reading it.

Reincarnation. How many of you believe in reincarnations, well this manga shows that in a really beautiful way. There’s literally no drama and I absolutely had a great time reading it.

Where should I start ? There are 4 couples in this manga that got reincarnated, each of the couples has their own share of trouble in the past, maybe that is the reason why they got reincarnated. With them reincarnated and now living in the present, doesn’t mean it’s smooth sailing from there, even in the present they face some obstacles to their love story.


The first couple is Yahiro and Hina. Yahiro and Hina were a really sweet couple. They met by accident when when they both lost track of their friends and from that day on both of them devoloped feelings for each other but Hina’s body was really weak and so she died.

Hina was reincarnated as a high schooler with no memories of her past whereas Yahiro is reincarnated as a elementary schooler with his memories. Yahiro tries his best to make Hina fall in love with him by bringing back her memories but fails miserably every time since he’s still a child. After one final try Yahiro brings Hina to the same place where they both met, luckily Yahiro manages to bring back Hina’s memories.

After Yahiro’s graduation of high school he proposes to Hina.

The second couple is Ryuu and Uta. Ryuu and Uta were best friends with Yahiro and Hina in their previous life. Ryuu and Uta absolutely hated each other when they first saw each other. Unfortunately they got engaged to each other and were still fighting. Ryuu and Uta were not honest to each other left they’re true feeling with them.

Ryuu and Uta both get reincarnated high schoolers and the surprising part is that they’re a real couple. Ryuu is the only with his past memories wheras Uta doesn’t remember anything. Thinking back on his previous life Ryuu decides to foget all the bad things and makes it right by dating the girl he always liked.

Ryuu’s only worry was that Uta might hate him if she got her old memories back but that was not the case. After a few chapters Uta gets hit in the head and gets her memories back but she does not tell Ryuu about it instead she tries to be the quiet, sweet version of herself for Ryuu’s sake. Eventually Ryuu finds out and confesses that he always liked her for courageous version and that he loved her since the previous life. After hearing that Uta couldn’t hold back and confessed her love too.

The third couple is Maria and Jou. This one is a little different because Maria is a princess and Jou is her faithful servant. Maria falls in love with Jou but is faithful and doesn’t show any love for Maria and is only respectful to her. A few days later Maria gets engaged to a prince leaving all her feelings for Jou unrequited.

Maria and Jou both got reincarnated with their memories back but the only problem is that Jou still treats Maria as a princess. Maria tries to get close to Jou but he loyalty comes on top every time. This goes on until Maria finds that her Prince was also reincarnated. Jou was still not showing any affections for Maria until he gets jealous when the Prince and Maria go on a date.

After stealing her from Prince, Jou finally accepts his true feelings for Maria.

The fourth couple is Suzu and Hikari. Hikari was a old man and Suzu was a cat. Hikari treasured Suzu a lot since she was the only family he had left but suddenly one day Suzu died leaving Hikari alone.

Hikari got reincarnated as a highschool PE teacher whereas Suzu got reincarnated as a high shcool student in the same school. Fortunately Suzu’s and Hikari’s mothers are friends and that’s how they met each other. Since Suzu was a cat in her previous life she hasn’t fully adpted to being a normal human being around Hikari which causes Hikari to distance himself from her since he’s her teacher. Because of Hikari’s actions Suzu becomes upset.

Suzu always said that she liked him but never realized her true feelings until one day. Hikari told Suzu that no matter how much he distances himself from her he still loves her and they both reconcile. In the future Suzu becomes a teacher herself.

Final thoughts

Four absolutely heartwarming stories. I love mangas that only doesn’t concentrate in one couple for example like horimiya and I also love the fact that the author made all four couple bump into each other in the last chapter. Zense coupling is a fantastic manga that will make it worth your time.

Thank you for reading.


  1. I love reading your posts but this time only, I should refrain! I tend to loose interest when i know too much about a story and I’m really interested in this one so sorry >.<

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      • Alright! I’ll wait till next time then. Also, have you already read Koudaike no Hitobito? I’m reading it now and I’m really enjoying it. Since it deals with multiple couples at the same time I thought you would like it! ๐Ÿ˜Š
        Though it’s a bit strange seeing those who previously were love rivals and those that were a couple in Gokusen, being siblings… ๐Ÿ˜…
        That’s the only problem when you read right away another manga from the same author๐Ÿ˜‚

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