12 Random Kpop songs that will make your month

As you know I’m a big Kpop fan. I can’t write much since I’m busy but here are some songs that you’ll enjoy. This list is just comepletely random, I just chose one random songs from my favorite bands and this is the result.

Starting off with my personal favorite.

iKON – Love scenario

BTS – Dynamite

Wanna one – Energetic

EXO – Love shot

Blackpink – Kill this love


Twice – Feel special

TXT – Crown

Girls generation – Gee

Super Juniors – Sorry Sorry

SHINee – Hello

BIGBANG – Bang Bang Bang

Hope you enjoyed my list.

Thank you for reading.


  1. We love a lot of these!

    Twice has been our favorite for years! I have many of their songs – I have one favorite that just has really good memories with it… and that would be Cheer up ❤️

    My oldest son is completely into Kpop – has been for years! ❤️

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      • Yes lol Kpop been in my life for years now – since my oldest was maybe 12 or 13 he got into it. He is now 26.

        Every time he come over I hear the latest lol – Twice is my absolutely favorite though – love those girls!!

        Kpop is awesome – love the music 🎶 ❤️

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