Living your life to the fullest

What does it mean to live your life to the fullest. Does it mean living a life without regrets? Does it mean loving someone wholeheartedly? Does it mean fame, respect or talent? Does it mean to do what you love?

Living life to the fullest according to me is ‘enjoying each and every moment that we have with the people around us to the best of our ability’.

Live every day as my first and enjoying them.

Well, its a human tendency to seek more from everything. Rich wants to be more rich. Poor wants to be rich,etc. We take the things for granted which indirectly fuels our expectations. According to my perception instead of taking things granted, we should be thankful for whatever we have, should show gratitude for being alive and safe.These are some people who can explain living life fullest at its best.

You can ask a soldier who just returned from war, what life means to him.he has seen the bullets passing by his head. It become an experience for him to live the rest of his life.

The past

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The past can sometime be a painful thing. All the regrets come back to haunt you that everyone experiences but that doesn’t stop us from living our life to the fullest. I dwell on the past a lot, there’s a lot of choices I wanted to change but that’s not reality.

Reality is a cruel world that you have to face, sometimes it may hurt you or sometimes it may make you happy. If I could escape reality for minutes I would there’s nothing bad than reality but it’s good when you live you life to the fullest.

You may have regrets and mistakes but there is only you must bring with you from it and it is your learning from it. Live every day on a fresh new start, don’t lose your touch to reality(which I did many times) and just enjoy evey moment.

The present

Be present. It is the only moment that matters

We must live in the now because we may not have tomorrow to do what we want. What should we do to our “Today”?

One of the best, unforeseen consequences of simplifying our lives is it has allowed us to begin living our lives in the present moment.

Living in the present moment means no longer worrying about what happened in the past and not fearing what will happen in the future. It means enjoying what’s happening now and living for today. The only important moment is the present moment.

Each day is full of endless possibilities! Start it with a smile. Live your present completely free and focus in the moment. Cherish every thing.

The future

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Our mind is constantly worrying about the plans for the future. We worry about health, money, education and family. What are we supposed to do in the future? Will things remain unchanged?

There are many things about the future but why do we worry about it? When we are concerned about something, we are more likely dealing with a real problem with realistic solutions. Then, once we do whatever we can to address the problem, we’re willing to live with the outcome.

Worrying, on the other hand, involves unrealistic thinking. We may worry about a problem that doesn’t really exist, or dwell on all the bad things that can happen as a result. Then, we feel unable to deal with the outcome. Either way, we have difficulty dealing with uncertainty, which is a normal part of life.

Certainly, some of our problems may not have desirable outcomes but we can try. Do your best and be optimistic.

I try my best to live my life to the fullest and I’m enjoying every moment now.

  • Love your friends and family, Make sure to spend quality time with them, Cherish them
  • Let loose and have fun
  • Create a bucket list
  • Overcome your fears
  • Be optimistic

If you want to live your life to the fullest but don’t know where to start then here are 101 ways to live you life to the fullest.

Love life.

(P.S I have no idea why I wrote this)


  1. This is beautifully affirming! To me, living life to the fullest is about both taking time to deeply enjoy the present and also stretching to discover our potential. The key in both is being open, not being so attached to an outcome that a stumble means we have failed.

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