It’s Kpop GIF’s time

Yes, I’ve got an blog idea(it’s not mine). Well Annie has written an post on using Kpop GIF’s to react to scenarios and has decided to share the Kpop GIF love with me so I better not disappoint. You can check out her post here Picture prompts.

There are just too many GIF’s to choose from. I tried my best to choose the best ones, let’s get into it.

When your favorite Kpop group releases a comeback teaser

Jin Bts GIF - Jin Bts Funny - Discover & Share GIFs

Trying to read a book that has no images

How I think I look like while doing the shoulder dance

Can you do the Ryujin shoulder challenge? | allkpop Forums - nope! I'd put  out my shoulder sockets! I'll just enjoy watching… in 2021 | Trend setter,  Fashion, Girl crushes

How I actually look

Me trying to cook in quarantine

When you get a little overexcited

KooksSavageLove on Scratch

When you realize you haven’t completed your assignment

Animated gif about kpop in lol by ft_monica on We Heart It

That cringe moment

Funny K-Pop gifs to brighten your day | allkpop

Me and the boys now


Me and the the boys in 10 years

박지성! 옥상으로 따라와 : Prologue|Rooftop Fight in 2021 | Nct, Nct dream, Kdrama
박지성! 옥상으로 따라와 : Prologue|Rooftop Fight in 2021 | Nct, Nct dream, Huang  renjun

And of course how could we end the post without the king hyungwon and his starbucks meme.

Be sure to check out annie’s blog for more exciting content and feel free to try out this challenge yourself. I shall take my leave now.

Thank you for reading.


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