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No. of chapters: 366

Author: Nishimori Hiroyuki

Rating: 10/10

Synopis: After Takashi’s family moves into a new neighborhood, he decides to use the opportunity to become a delinquent. Upon meeting Itou, he finds out that he wasn’t the only one who had this idea. Making friends and foes along the way, will these two take over their school or just end up as wannabes?

After a rough start they become friends and the righteous Itou with the cheater Takashi start their (dis)adventures trying to survive the other delinquents from both their own and other schools.


The story is about two unpopular students itou and takashi who transfer schools and try to go from zero to delinquents. Yes, delinquents. Usually people would want to go from a loser to a hero but delinquents, nice goal. The whole 366 chapters is just non-stop laughter.

At first they both hate each other, this may be due to the fact that they’re similar like real similar to the the extent that they have the exact same thoughts. Well that’s for the first chapter, let’s just say they get along later(not exactly). Mitsuhashi also known as the “blond devil” is mostly self-centered, evil and fights dirty but that doesn’t mean he would ever let his friends get hurt, on the other hand itou is a good guy(Kinda) he doesn’t fight dirty and always helps out others unlike mitsuhashi but they both have one common goal “being the strongest).

Itou and mitsuhashi become really popular just after entering school. Itou becomes someone who everyone likes and he even gets a girlfriend right off the bat. Meanwhile mistsuhashi is the opposite, everyone hates him for using dirty tricks but everyone gets used to him(eventually) and he even gets a girl(riko) to fall in love with him who don’t become a couple till the last chapter.

True friendship

This manga portrayed true friendship like no other. Well they are more like villains then heroes if this is what they say “you are my friend but if things get worse, I don’t know you”. The main characters are the most important thing here, they aren’t deep or complex ,they don’t have epic quest or dark past but they are funny and likable , first you’ve got mitsuhashi and itou they are complete opposite to each other itou is fair and honorable.

As you might think the story is not something grand like saving the world or the country from evil. Rather it’s about two friends trying to make a name for themselves in the city of Chiba since they got tired of their boring lives.

Best duo!

There are other characters that are part of the main cast like, Kyouko, Riko, Imai, Tanigawa and Nakano are also well-developed characters and each of them gets their fair share of moments to shine in the story. Also one more thing worth mentioning is that Characters that were introduced as arrogant pricks can return after like 20,50 or even 100 chapters and show you that they have changed. And it’s not a sudden 180 that they make. You can see why they have changed and why they have moved on from their bad ways.

But this series is not all comedy; there are a number of arcs where more fierce rivals appear before Mitsuhashi and Itou and the manga becomes a little more serious (Mitsuhashi often runs away at this point though) and these arcs are actually surprisingly good. They are actually well executed and can be rather dramatic and even emotional in a very manly kind of way.

I haven’t read a lot of delinquent mangas, a few rememberable ones are beelzebub and slam dunk. Speaking of slam dunk Mitsuhashi reminds of sakuragi somewhat. I’m really happy I decided to this 80’s month challenge or I would’ve never discovered this amazing manga.

Here’s a little sneak peak:

The art is not the best. The series first started in the late 80s but still even considering the time there were series that looked better than this one. The artwork may not be the best thing in this manga but as a matter of fact I think the art in this series sometimes just made things even funnier. I would’ve given this manga a 10 even if the artwork was bad.

A wise man once said “Run away”

What I love most about this manga is that it has everything. Action, comedy, romance and drama. It’s really hard to find a gem of a manga like this and I enjoyed each and every chapter of it and ending was absolutely perfect and the author wrapped the manga beautifully. A must read to any manga lover.

Have fun reading it!!

“Don’t you ever think I’m going on hold from this point onward! I want you to keep watching what kind of awesome guy I am!” – Mitsuhashi Takashi

Thank you for reading



  1. Nothing to be said apart from: one of the best comedy’s I’ve ever watched/read. Although it reach important themes, it is always hilarious and amusing. Really wonderful work and beautiful post. Thank you. I shall go read it all over again now🙈😂💕

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