I need ideas

You read the title right, I have managed to squeeze every last idea in my brain and so far it’s nothing but useless. Since I had no ideas about what to write I decided to go to the “Front page of internet”, yes I’m taking about reddit. It’s been months since I started using reddit and it’s still one of the most confusing places I’ve visited.

I have no idea how a website can be both awesome and cursed at the same time but I guess that’ enough to be called the “front page of internet”. Anyways enough about reddit, what I’m trying to say is that I have no new ideas to write about. It seems like after studying too much I have all lost all my good ideas I had before my exams.

Plus with all things happening in India, I needed a break from all the drama so that’s why this is going to be a wholesome month. I decided to read only wholesome mangas for this month.

To tell the truth there’s just too much happening in India right now, I mean my English teacher just passed away and all the news I hear is only about people dying. I wasn’t really that close with my teacher but still it’s very heartbreaking to hear about this.

Anyway I’m basically stuck right now and I need your help for new ideas. Feel free to drop them down in the comments.

Thanks for reading and be safe.


  1. Hey buddy, its gonna be okay ❤❤❤
    And maybe you can do –
    My assumption how japan is after watching anime/ reading manga…
    Reading Manga vs watching anime
    Life values manga has taught me….

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  2. Hang in there bro. Sorry for your loss. As advice, id say pick up something that will take your mind of of all the things going on right now and focus on you. I tend to step away from blogging for days on end and just get sucked into my gaming. I do not know what other hobbies you like, but just pock one for a while and try forget about stuff around you.

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  3. I’m sorry to hear about your teacher.

    If you need suggestions you can always search up 30 day challenges, 5 or 10 lists based on genres character styles, etc are good too.

    But take care of yourself first, and we’ll wait for you to come back to the blogging space!

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