30 day manga challenge: Day 1

First of all I wanna thank everyone thank everyone who supported and gave me really amazing advice. I never knew I had such amazing friends, many of you told me to do the 30 day challenges. I think that writing a few word everybody would get me back on track and I will also try to do write other post ideas given by everyone.

Thank you everyone.

Now back to the post. I wanted to a manga challenge since I have basically lost my touch with anime. It’s been months since I watched a anime so I thought doing a challenge with mangas should be good. I really need to watch an anime, there’s just too many in my planning list.

Your favorite manga

Suzuka 10 ebook by Kouji Seo - Rakuten Kobo
Maid-sama! (2-in-1 Edition), Vol. 9: Includes Vols. 17 & 18

This one you guys already know. I have two favorite mangas and I seriously can’t pick one. Both of them are my absolute favorites, maid-sama is a famous manga I’m sure probably every romance manga/anime lover would know but on the other hand suzuka is bit lesser known manga but I love it.

Fact: Suzuka was released on 2004, Maid-sama on 2005 and I was born on 2006

This doesn’t look like much of a fact but this was pretty mind-blowing the first time I saw it. Anyway thank you for reading and once again thank you for the ideas.

Here’s a good song for you to enjoy:


  1. I love Maid-Sama ❤️❤️❤️ it may have some themes that are considered problematic now but I still love it. I watch it many times. Still comforting to watch.

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