30 day manga challenge: Day 3

A manga you would recommend to everyone

おすすめアニメ50選】完結済み!定番から最新作まで! (2016年6月8日) - エキサイトニュース(12/46)

This was a hard choice, there are a lot of mangas I would like to recommend but I’m not sure “Everyone” would like it. Even slam dunk is not everyone’s favorite but it’s still a manga that everybody would like to read. Slam dunk, the king of sports manga. It’s got sports, comedy, delinquency, drama and nerve-wracking basketball games.

From the binge-worthy story to the fantastic art, everything is perfect in this manga. One of the reasons why I want to recommend this manga is that people who don’t read manga will also love this. Slam dunk is one of the first mangas I read and to date I’m happy I read it. The reason I’m reading mangas now is because slam dunk was so good it made me want more of it. The ending also couldn’t have been more better.


Read slam dunk and sink into the beautiful world created by Takehiko Inoue.


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