30 day manga challenge: Day 5

A manga you wish didn’t exist

ドメスティックな彼女(ドメカノ)1巻を完全無料で読める?zip・rar・漫画村の代役発見!? | 漫画SON

Ahhhhhh, the prodigal manga returns. Almost everything is wrong with this manga from start to finish but the ending is even worse. The only question why is this manga even created? I’ve read worse like school day but it hasn’t given me a big headache as it is. Actually it’s after reading this manga that I started hating the harem genre.

The only reason why I didn’t drop it sooner was because I was curious about how the manga would end and like they say curiosity “killed the cat”. It was the worst ending in the history of worst ending, after finished reading it I was so confused that it was the only thing in my mind.

Why Domestic Girlfriend, Why?! – The Blog Of A Kami That's An Otaku

Don’t get me wrong I like love triangles but one of this kind, no thank you. I’ve written a lot of reviews and I’ve recommended those mangas to everyone but this is a manga I don’t recommend this manga to anyone mostly because of the NTR content.

This manga is bad, just plain bad except for the art which was really good. This is a manga I can’t forget even if I try to but I’m somewhat glad I read it because now I know when to drop a bad manga.

Thank you for reading.


  1. I have a love hate relationship with this manga series. I hated the first one-third of it, but I liked the second one-third because it introduced some of my favourite Queer characters from the series, but then that last one-third was just colossally annoying and I hated the ending. So… yeah, I guess less love/hate and more a half-like/hate haha.

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