Kpop boy group songs I would give 10/10

Kpop perfect songs. I got so bored I decided to make a kpop list and this time it’s about boy groups. I chose a few songs that I think are 10/10 and I decided to not include more than one song of the same group because if I did I’d have to include the whole discography of bigbang and shinee.

CIX – Jungle

GOT7 – You are

NU’EST – Face

BTS – I need u

BIGBANG – Bad boy

BEAST – Fiction

INFINITE – The chaser

TVXQ – Mirotic

SHINee – Replay

Replay is masterpiece, I could listen to it on repeat 24hours and still love it, it’s my number one song. Oh wait there’s still one more song. EXO’s growl is a song I would give it a 11/10 because it’s more than just perfect. The song is just that addictive.

EXO -Growl

Now onto the honorable mentions.

Honorable mentions:

SUPER JUNIOR – Sorry Sorry

iKON – Love scenario


TXT – Crown

ATEEZ – Inception

Anyway this just my opinion. I’m sure you all different opinions, drop your best boy groups songs below in the comments.

Thank you for reading.


  1. What things do you like about KPOP?
    I want you to write an article about what are the unique things that you like about KPOP songs and how they are different from the rest of the songs.
    I hope you will write about it some day!

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  2. How does it feel to have so much taste? [chef’s kiss]

    This would be too hard of a task for me to choose haha, but let’s say I’d put INFINITE’s Paradise/The Chaser, VIXX’s Fantasy & TXT’s Run Away too. Ooh, too many good songs coming to my mind right now haha!

    PS. Yay for the Inception and Jungle appreciation, feel like they don’t get complimented nearly enough as they deserve.

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    • You have great taste too. TXT’s run away is just an amazing song. I wish CIX would get the recognition they deserve, they’re so good. Inception is really one of ATEEZ’s best song.


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