Things I can’t do

I can do a lot of things(I think). I can write, I can read and I can definitely manage a blog(so far). But there are also things I can’t do, here are some of them.


I'm A Kpop Star Challenge | ARMY's Amino

Let’s get this straight. I can’t sing, I just can’t. Even if you give me a million dollars I can’t do it and if it’s in front of people, I’d rather just die of embarrassment. The only place I’d ever even try to sing is in the shower.

Start a conversation

Bangtan bts kpop GIF - Find on GIFER

One of the most impossible thing in the world. You may know that I don’t usually comment a lot in other’s blog, it’s not because I don’t like them it’s because I don’t know how to start a conversation. Me and my friends have a whatsapp group but I never started a conversation. Whenever I try to, if I don’t get a reply soon then I start getting paranoid that’s why I avoid starting a conversation.

Ignore people anime is for kids/losers

How to convince an ordinary person to watch anime and make them like it -  Quora

Basically nobody in my class likes anime, it’s just me. So whenever I hear people say anime is for kids I go full philosophy on them. Now that I think about it that’s why I don’t have much friends. I don’t really care much if they don’t like anime but when they blame me for liking it. I mean I have friends who don’t like them and that’s fine but it’s a different thing if they make fun of it.

mirai nikki gif - Gifs, Memes, Images

stop eating chocolates

Pin by Alina Q on Crazy Chaos | Anime memes otaku, Otaku funny, Anime memes  funny

My love for chocolates is absolute. Sure I try to limit myself but can you when you have delicious chocolate in front of you. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have diabetes but it’s chocolate.

Stop looking at memes(mainly anime)

I mean who can.

This was a fun post to write about. Are there any things you can’t do? Leave them in the comments beow.

Thank you for reading.


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