Too wholesome to handle

Just a post about the most wholesome mangas I read so far.

Arasa Dakedo, Hatsukoi desu.

Arasa Dakedo, Hatsukoi desu | Manga Read
Arasa Dakedo, Hatsukoi desu.

“Inoue-san, you’re my first boyfriend…”, says Yamamoto, 28 years old. “I don’t have a lot of experience either, but we’ll work through it together”, says Inoue, 32 years old. In reality, Inoue’s never been with a girl either, but he couldn’t tell Yamamoto that. A fluffy love-comedy about the adventures of this innocent and pure couple.

Koi to Utatane

Koi to Utatane|Manga - Pictures -
Koi to utatane

Hana who loves to sleep and has a hobby of sleep research and Takashi Kiichi ‘s room share life. There are lots of sleeping laws that can be used right away in such two lives…… Let’s sleep together with the sleeping way. The two of us living together begins!

Kamibukuro-kun wa Koishiteru

Manga - Read online free Paperbag-kun is in love, Kamibukuro-kun wa  koishiteru, 紙袋くんは恋してる
Kamibukuro-kun wa Koishiteru

A stalker? A pervert? No, no. I’m just a college boy who is single-mindedly in love with someone. It’s just…I live my life wearing a paper bag on my head, which makes people look at me strangely on campus.

Even though he’s extremely timid, he abruptly confessed his love and is pushing forward! The girl he confessed to, Umi-chan, took it by surprise and soon an unexpected turn of events is about to happen!

Tsun-Ama na Kareshi

Tsun-Ama na Kareshi | Manga Read
Tsun-Ama na Kareshi

Acting cold while pampering you, that’s a tsun-sweet boyfriend.

My dishonest boyfriend always teases me a little, then spoils me a lot. Living with such a boyfriend, my life is full of surprises but overflowing with happiness…!

Zense Coupling

Zense coupling – KS Blogs
Zense coupling

Even if my age and position have changed, my feelings for you will never change! A romantic comedy featuring four couples who’ve been reincarnated.

Full review.

Okite kudasai, Kusakabe-san

起きてください、草壁さん 1 秋★枝(著/文) - KADOKAWA
Okite kudasai, Kusakabe-san

This is a story about a girl, Kusakabe-san, who wants nothing more but to sleep in on her holidays, and her boyfriend, Saneomi-san, who wants nothing more but to get her outside. His attempts to use everything at his disposal to coerce her out of bed are met with her attempts to stop him at all costs. A love comedy about the weekends that these two spend together.


The Horimiya Manga is ending this year in March | Otakuarena

At school, Kyouko Hori is known for being smart, attractive, and popular. On the other hand, her classmate, the boring, gloomy Izumi Miyamura tends to get painted as a “loser fanboy.” But when a liberally pierced and tattooed (not to mention downright gorgeous) Miyamura appears unexpectedly on the doorstep of secretly plain-Jane homebody Hori, these two similarly dissimilar teenagers discover that there are multiple sides to every story…and person!

I’m too sad that it ended but it’s so good. I wish it would’ve went on forever but all good things come to an end. The wholesomeness(is this a word) in this manga is just too much.

Have fun reading these mangas.


  1. I’m definitely enjoying Horimiya a lot although I’m still pretty early on in the series. It’s fun to check out a more uplifting title after a while without all kinds of drama and everything so I look forward to checking out the other titles as well

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