Time for some manga memes

I saw that you loved the previous one “Very relatable anime memes” so I thought why not make another one but this time with mangas. And here are they, Enjoy!!

Best friends always got your back

Weirdness > Violence

Me at the middle of the night

The cringe is real

Me and my friend after exams

When summer holidays arrive

When you don’t have any talent

When you remember the cringy things you did in school that only you remember

When the manga you thought ended after completing 1000 chapters gets a sequel

When something unexpected happens

Chotto matte | Cute memes, Meme template, Mood pics

When a manga doesn’t have english translation

When your family tries to explain why you should try to get a 3D girlfriend  - 9GAG

When curiosity gets the better of you

When somebody likes what do you like about that character

Whenver I open a subject book

When your friend passes the surprise test and you don’t

When you survive online classes till lunch

When you can’t remember that one manga’s name

It sure can

Me This Is A Manga, It Can Not Rickroll Me The Manga Memes - Video & GIFs | anime  memes, manga memes, sauce memes, weeb memes, funny memes, rickroll memes,  relatable memes,

Manga is a book

Image tagged in memes,anime,funny,manga - Imgflip

My various reactions to reading a cute manga

Spent a long time coming up with them. Hope you liked it.

Thank you for reading!!


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