Group projects

Wow, I wish it was this fun looking at random papers

Group projects, you either hate them or love them and in my case I hate it. So what happened. After entering 11th this is my first group project and well it’s going bad, really bad. Let me explain, there’s this IDS activity that we’re supposed to do on ancient traditional techniques by collaborating with the 10th graders and the 12th. My group got stuck with Ayurveda, which is an Indian ancient traditional treatment or something, so what we have to do is first collection information about it, then create a presentation and finally a seminar. This has been going for more than a month and it’s still isn’t over.

It’s really frustrating because now I don’t even have enough time to watch anime or read manga or even write any posts since all I ever spend my time is on studies or this project(which I still don’t understand why we’re doing).

The first two parts of the project were okay, we found some information and made a good PPT even though half of them didn’t gather any, it was fine since because the PPT we made was nice. But the seminar part, we screwed up. So just a day before the demo for the seminar, we(our group) found out that we have prepare a seminar and well it was chaos. Me and and another friend were able to split the topics and give it to everyone but nobody replied back so we hoped they would prepare something.

It was the day of the demo and nobody had replied so we created a google meet to discuss about what our topics and all we ended discussing was how to flunk it. Literally nobody(including me) cared about the project but since it was mandatory we had to do it, so we just talked over the same things about who got what topic before leaving the meet for lunch.

It’s 4:30 now and I’m in the Demo(google meet) and half of the group didn’t show up. THEY DIDN’T SHOW UP. We already had a terrible seminar preparation and now nobody shows up. The other groups were doing their presentation and I must say they were all pretty good, they looked like they were really prepared and I thought “We are doomed”.

Our preparation was nowhere near as good as the other groups and at this point we are already for the scolding. I don’t know if I should cry or be angry or be happy because since I’m the eldest in the group I always felt responsible for our project but now sitting in the meet it feels so funny. It’s funny because things like this only happens in movies or animes, even though it’s bad it’s exciting but at the same time I do wish this was over already.

The other groups are taking their seminars and now I’m in a another meet with the “half group” talking about how we can escape. There’s pretty much nothing we can do or so we thought until our teacher came and told us to do our parts ad forget about the people who are absent. And surprisingly it went well, I did my best and the half of my team also did well. So now we just have to hope that the whole team shows up for the final seminar or else it’s gonna be bad.

Anyway that’s all I have for this post. Thank you for reading and have a holiday party if you’re free.


  1. Bruv that’s exactly similiar to what my thoughts are during group projects, idk how people look forward to these things. Well in my case, my creativity is low to nil… so I can’t say much💀

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    • Yeah, after seeing all the other people looking forward to group projects, I thought it would be fun but it turned out the exact opposite, it’s just a big headache when you realize that your group is pretty much useless.

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  2. Aw I’m sorry that happened. I totally relate to how it’s torturous when half the group just ends up vanishing🤦 and then the other half has to do everything. I like group projects because I like having work to do😂 but I can’t say it’s fun working with students who talk a lot and do nothing.
    I hope you can finish up with this soon! Good luck for the final seminar!

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    • As a introvert, I really am not sociable but I gotta say it was really fun. Although it was extremely exhausting talking with the energetic students, it was also fun making new friends. But yeah those guys did nothing but talk all the time and they just didn’t show up when it’s time.
      Thank you😊, I hope it goes well.

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  3. Yeah, group project are a terrible idea. How I survived them in college was by acting like there was no group. I did the whole thing myself, if other people wanted to help fine, but if they weren’t interested then I would just blow them off. I would show up to the final presentation with a complete package and if other “team” members wanted to add to that fine, but in general everyone else just needed to stand there, keep their mouths shut, and not make me look bad. We always got an A, so most groups were okay with my tactics.

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      • Oh yeah, I see. If you have a instructor checking that everyone feels included all the time, then you’re kind of stuck with your team whether you like it or not. Well, at least you can look forward to university where you can be a lot more independent and there is a lot less professors looking over your shoulder all the time.

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    • Thank you😊.
      Yeah I really wish that they would just let us pick our own teams because literally nobody is from my class in my group, I’m the only one with a bunch of 10th graders. And being responsible for them is even more harder.

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  4. I feel this post, very relatable. Honestly, bless the people who actual take charge I was always super dependable and early with all my stuff and willing to do more than my fair share but I did not want to babysit and be the one leading the charge. I mean at the end of the day, it seems so meaningless in the larger picture so way to survive and I hope it was an interesting life and learning experience.

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