Group projects pt.2

A College Group Project that My Students Actually Enjoy – Erika Romero

We did it guys, our group made it to the end. I’m literally crying right now. After all that hardwork we finally pulled through and I couldn’t be more proud of them. Yesterday was the final day for the project, where we had to present our final seminar. The day before that we had a demo session between us and it was going well until there was a power cut in my area of which I had to miss the demo session. After that I couldn’t sleep at all, I was worried that after all this time I was the one who messed up at the end.

It was finally Friday, I was nervous as hell since our team was the first to present our seminar and I hadn’t prepared with my team at all. But we handled it well, we all had another demo minutes before the seminar and even though we didn’t get to finish the demo, we all were feeling confident.

Since we were first we started presenting, we all finished our part one by one and when I heard the final thank you, I was so relieved that at last it was finally over. And I gotta say not to compare or anything but to me we did better than the other teams. After this nightmare now I can finally go back into the real nightmare(studies).

Now that the project is over, my mock exams starts in two weeks. Just when I thought I could get some rest. Anyway thank you to everyone for supporting me for the seminar, I’m glad it went well. And did you guys see the news.

Bleach is back. Tite Kubo has made headlines as of later after announcing news that he would be commemorating the manga’s 20th anniversary by releasing a 73-page chapter. The 73-page manga will debut on August 10 in the 36th/37th issues of this year’s Weekly Shonen Jump, which will be published as a double issue. It will feature an original plot where Ichigo is invited to Soul Society for a certain ceremony.

I can’t wait, already on my planning list. I think that’s all I have for now, thank your for reading


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