Brief thoughts on Good-Bye Dystopia

Good-Bye Dystopia chapter 4 - MangaPK

Rating: 7/10

Synopsis: The “runaway girl” who fainted mid journey, and the female “recluse” meet. These two, due to an interesting series of events, end up going together from place to place to look at “dead scenery” and ruins. The “recluse” calls herself Azami, and the “runaway girl” names herself as “Mizuki”. This is the story of their escape.

I wanted to talk about this because it was a good manga and I could see where the author was going with it but not where the characters were going with it. This post is just a way for me to figure out what I didn’t like about the manga, the story was good, the art was good, so what went wrong?

There were too many unwanted dialogues in there that didn’t move the story forward, now I got no problem with that but the fact is that this is a manga that doesn’t have any outshining features and the only thing that’s holding it together is the story. If there’s something to improve, it’s the dialoging, there just seem to no flow whatsoever and sometimes the dialogues just seem a little off. There are so many scenes that I couldn’t understand without any context, I’m just like this better tie up at the end.

Usually in stories like this, the characters are extremely relatable as we all went through hardships in our life and this is where good dialogue is really lacking. The story just jumps from past to present and while reading I have no idea what’s going on. We have no idea who they are or what they want to be.

Now this is a English translation that I read so it could be that the dialoging could be messed up by it.

“Trying to leave the world behind” I have no idea what they’re talking about. What world, it’s like every single place they visit is in ruins but nobody says what caused them, was it an apocalypse, maybe an earthquake. I don’t know maybe I just don’t get it. The author is trying to convey a message that I can’t understand. Maybe you have to have a lot of wisdom to understand the meaning of these type of mangas.

I gotta say, I enjoyed the exploring part, as much as the story goes it is definitely the highlight including the character designs. They’re really amazing. I respect the author for keeping the character’s backstory as a mystery but without some context to what they are, just showing flashbacks again and again just makes the whole story worse but the point they do show the what happened it’s like “it all makes sense now”. It’s not like the it’s the revelation of the century but it’s enough to make us understand somewhat.

I also respect the author’s dedication, it’s difficult to research and write about different place they’ve traveled to. And even though the art wasn’t that good, the style was something worth reading for. The author had a unique style which was weird but good.

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At the end, where was the Yuri it was just two girls roaming around. It wasn’t the best but was an interesting read. It’s only 14 chapters so I recommend you go read it because it gives a different vibe comparing to the modern manga. That’s all I have.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Interesting story, and I think the artwork is pretty good. The pen work is really impressive, and there is a lot of depth in the artwork with only a little screen tone used. I’m not sure a manga like this will ever be a big name manga, but I think there is a lot of people that are looking for unique manga and this would be right up their alley.

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  2. It’s so frustrating, with translations, not knowing if confusing elements are due to the translator or the original author.

    Gotta say, though, that one line you shared–“There’s simply no knowing what we think unless we tell each other straight out”–had me blinking. I suppose they’re acknowledging that directness avoids confusion, but at first I was thinking, “Um, yes…Are you just discovering you’re not psychic?”

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