Taking a look at my manga stats

As you may know by know, I read a lot of mangas and it’s hard to keep with what I read. The other day I was looking at my stats to see what types of mangas I read the most and I thought why not share it with you guys. FYI I started reading manga in 2019, summer I guess.

Total manga read – 413

413, I’m not really shocked as I do monitor how much manga I read often but yeah 413 mangas in 2 years does seem a lot. By the way it also includes webtoons.

I learned a lot of valuable lessons from mangas such as Aria and salty studio, got inspired by team work from Haikyuu!! and Slam dunk, also was excited by the gripping action such as Bleach and Chainsaw man, finally laughed out my mind with some comedies such as Arakawa under the bridge and Kyou kara ore wa but who could forget the romantic stories as Maid-sama! and Suzuka.

There are so much memories I have with these mangas, whether be it bad or good. It will be with me forever. Now let’s take a look at the some of the mangas that I have given a Perfect rating out of the 413 mangas I’ve read.


I haven’t read a single light novel or a Chinese manhua. I really want to read Three days of happiness, maybe I’ll get into it soon. As you can see I have 78% planning, it would probably take me a decade to finish almost 1700 mangas that too keeping in mind that there will be new releases in the future but for now I’m taking it easy one at a time.

For now the mangas that are top in my “To read next” list is Moriking, Phantom Seer and Cromartie High School. Also I’m surprised by how many one-shots I’ve read, I didn’t know I read that many.

Wow, I gave 73 titles a 7/10. I just checked my list and now I get it. Also I gave a lot of titles higher rating, 57 titles – 9/10 and 25 titles – 7.5, 8, 9.5 so yeah I do enjoy most mangas it’s just that those 73 titles were just plain boring. My average score for al the manga is 78.47 which I have somewhat a good taste in which manga I pick.

My most read genres


Secret crush


Welcome to the N.H.K


His and her circumstances

Slice of life


I don’t really have much to say about genres since I already made a whole post on it but yeah I should try and read more mangas out of my comfort zone.

I guess that’s it, there’s one more, the most mangas I’ve read from staffs which also I’ve covered in another post.

This was a boring post, I know. I thought I could make it interesting but in the end this was a bad post and I know it too. I only posted this because of the continuity I had, don’t worry I will return more fun posts in the future. Till then, see ya.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Good to see Beelzebub so high. Surprised it seems like you have no manga under a 5 at least from the chart. It’s great to see that you enjoy all of the manga of course but I do like reading a fun negative review

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    • Well, I have read mangas less than 5, even some 1s but I feel kinda guilty about giving it less scores since the author have worked so hard on it, so that’s why I have a lot of unrated mangas. The unrated one are the ones below 5.

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      • Oh, I gotcha. Okay I respect that. I have a similar setup but only for films/books based on a true story. Like if I watch a biography about someone and don’t like it, I feel bad about tearing into it because I feel like in a sense I’m taking a shot at their life’s story.

        Otherwise I still go in and dish out those 1s but I definitely understand what you mean since I at least do something kind of similar.

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