Kpop songs I’m invested in right now

I’m back with another K-pop list. It’s been a long time since I did one and there were a lot good songs I wanted to share with you guys. I think the last time I did one was back in June, whew been 4 months almost. Anyways I’m back with another list and this time it’s about the new releases. I actually thought about doing a post of my favorite B-sides but thought would leave it for another post.

There were a lot of good songs this year especially these last two months, Twice had their first English single “The Feels” which I absolutely love, ITZY had a great comeback with “Loco” which probably became my favorite title track of theirs and Key’s masterpiece “Bad love”. There were also some amazing debuts “Lalisa” by Lisa and “Glassy” by Jo Yuri.

Onto the list.

Key – Bad love

TWICE – The Feels

Jo Yuri – Glassy

ITZY – Loco

ATEEZ – Deja Vu

ENHYPEN – Tamed-Dashed

Paul Kim – After Summer

N.Flying – Sober

Ciipher – Blind

Kim Feel – Like the first moment I met you

BTS – Universe

These songs are all amazing and I have just kept them on repeat for the past 24/7. The year has not ended yet and there are lot more mind-blowing comebacks to come but meanwhile chill with this B-side from PENTAGON.


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