This time I’m really back

So, how are you guys?

I’m back from the dead, as you can see and well… I’m good. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry that I haven’t been able to get back at you guys.

12th grade has been pretty hard for me especially to just keep up the pace with my studies. A level sucks but there have also been various reasons on why I haven’t returned to blogging. After my As level exams, I thought of returning back but I was burnout. The past two years I wrote a lot but after the break no ideas were coming to me so I decided to extend my break. But before I knew, that short break turned into a a year.

I know what you’re wondering. I usually go on a hiatus during this period for my studies or that’s how I’ve done it the past two time but I felt like if I don’t start posting at least once in a while, I may totally forget it. So I’m back and this time for real.

It’s nice to return to the WordPress community. Many of the bloggers I know don’t post anymore while a few still remain, which make me happy knowing that they still love blogging. In my very(very( short span of blogging I’ve made some amazing friends who have left the blogosphere. As depressing as that sounds, I’m also keen to make new friends in this renovated community(or that’s how it feels like to me).

Well anyway… I’m back and ready to write share more random thoughts.



  1. OMG, Eggsandwich, Welcome Back! Yay, I’m so happy you returned! I remember when I first started my blog about a year and a half ago, your posts were some of my favorite to follow. Sorry to hear that school has been rough. Yeah, the higher you are the harder school is, but you do get more freedom to do what you want too. I’m looking forward to your future posts. Have you watched any good anime lately?

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    • I’m glad to see you too😊. I’m looking forward to posting new content. New anime – I’m literally obsessed with chainsaw man at the moment. It’s so good!! but other than that I’m also watching bleach, the new season, since I’ve read the manga and wanted to see how the anime was. Hbu?

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      • My 3 favorite anime this season are SpyXFamily part 2, Bibliophile Princess, and Raven of the Inner Palace. I’ve heard nothing but great things about Chainsaw Man, but it’s a little too bloody for me.

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      • Yeah, chainsaw man might be too bloody at times. You can try the manga, it’s not better but the black and white is better.

        Spyxfamily has gotten popular really quickly. I need to catch up on that. The other two anime I’ve never heard of before.

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