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Hi everyone! My name is Eggsandwich04. I like reading books especially mangas, watching movies & anime and also I draw.

My blog is about everyday things that we all do and sometimes about other things and anime/manga. My goals for the blog is nothing special, I just want everyone to be in joy when they read my blog. I really love reading romance, I hate horror mostly because of the jumpscares. I don’t play a lot of video games so I’m pretty clueless about games. I’m a big Kpop fan too.

Blogging has been a really fun experience for me, I still suck at wrting titles but I’m improving.

My profile :

Real name : Eggsandwich04( not really),

Age: 16

Blood type : B+

Height : 184cm.

Hobbies : Reading, writing, drawing, sleeping

Likes : Chocolates, reading shoujo mangas, watching movies, writing


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Unfortunately I’m not on social media. So there are only two ways you contact me. One is by my Gmail account and other is by WordPress.

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