Dasadanan – BL review


Author: Herb Mandu

Status: Finished

My rating: 9/10

Synopsis: Kang Chan and Seyeon Park have been close friends since they were young after being introduced by their parents. After entering high school, Seyeon suddenly received a confession from Kang Chan and became aware of Kang Chan since then. Meanwhile, Naeun is displeased with their relationship. The trivial and noisy story of their love triangle and those around them…

Sometimes I like reading fluffy stories which has no drama, no antagonism and Dasadanan is one of my favorites in that category. It is an easy-to-read rom com with plenty of cute moments and ships to please the crowd. It’s also only 30 chapters so doesn’t really leave an area for any character development, also don’t expect any major plot developments. Ultimately it’s a feel-good story that most can enjoy to pass the time.

The story is basically about an incredibly dense boy(Seyeon) who is being fought over by his two childhood friends(Kang Chan and Naeun), whom both hate each other. As rom-com works, everyone in their school thinks that Kang chan and Naeun are dating each other when in fact they both are fighting over Seyeon. The rest of the story is basically Seyeon realizing whether Kang Chan is only friends or more.

The art goes well with the bright tone and easygoing atmosphere of the Webtoon. The simple art also reminded me of Omyo’s at times. The character’s expression also look so expressive despite not having any intricate details. The webtoon overall gives a very positive vibe but the only thing I was disappointed with was the ending. As you know ending a series this short is always a task at hand, there are authors who succeed and authors who fail. Now in this case, it wasn’t really a fail but I would say that it came to an abrupt end. It wasn’t bad but did leave disappointed a bit.

One more thing I love about Dasadanan is the fact that the characters feelings are respected and not forced onto others. It just makes it refreshing to read something that does not make me cringe especially rom-coms. Literally everything about this webtoon just screams good vibes. There is also a hint of Yuri here and there which was nice to see. This is one of my favorite Bl in recent times and I would definitely recommend it to people who are looking for a relaxing, positive read.

I really wanted to take about Dasadanan for a long time since I believe it’s really underrated as BL webtoon and also I didn’t want to give any spoilers so I kept it short. Hope you enjoy the manga as much as I did. Also sorry for not posting last week, my computer literally crashed and I had no other option of posting but now everything seems to be fine and back to regular posting again.

Thank you for reading.

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