Why writing about anime/manga is hard

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I have a almost 600 followers but not everyone of them is a anime fan, so that basically makes it hard for me to write about anime. I want to write about things that will please a general audience not a certain community but that only make it harder since I don’t know what to write about.

If it’s about anime/manga I can write essays but it’s something not everyone can read. I know there are other bloggers who write only about anime but they’re an anime blog and me I’m not. I first started this blog I wanted to appeal to variety of readers and not just anime fans, even now I have a lot of friends in this blogging community who are not fans of anime, that’s why it make me wanna write different things atleast once in a while so that I don’t disappoint them.

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I feel guilty not writing for them. I know Irina talked about this in her post “What do we owe our readers?“. I owe my readers as much as I owe my blog. Both are something I prioritize, I know that I don’t have the best of blogs, I have a messy homepage, I don’t tag or categorize the posts well and my writing is not that good but one thing I can do to please my readers is write quality content and I can’t do that by focusing only on one part of information.

Another reason why I have a hard time writing about anime/manga is because of people’s opinion. I’m mostly inside my house, I have a hard talking to people mostly because of what they think of me. Although most of it is in my own mind but it’s still hard. I read a lot of mangas more than I watch anime and when I’m about to review them I wonder if everyone would agree with it.

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I’m sure everyone in the anime community has anilist which is basically like myanimelist but slightly better. Why I’m talking about is because whenever I see someone rate the same anime/manga we both read lesser, it makes worried if I didn’t understand the anime/manga better or that person had a better reason but now I understand that different people have different opinions.

A lot of people may not like what I write, even though my previous post Genres and demographics was liked by a lot of people I was still worried if it was interesting enough for the readers or did I write too much? I know I think a lot but that is what makes it had for me to write about anime/manga.

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Writing about seasonal anime is also tougher than it seems. I haven’t seen an anime in months but I know the hardships of writing about seasonal anime. You can write about it after it’s released but it’s easier to write about it when a lot of people are interested in it. You get a lot of views and visitors but the hard part is keeping up with it. There are probably dozens of new anime released every season not to mention the new seasons of ongoing animes.

Now that’s hard considering which to prioritize, focusing only on seasonal anime will make it harder to write about other stuff. Especially it’s harder for people who post everyday, coming up with ideas is more harder than it looks.

At the end of day even with all the hardships I still want to write about what I love which is anime and manga. Don’t worry I’ll still write some fun stories occasionally. And I must stop listening to music while writing because It jut makes me distracted and writing just becomes 1000 times more difficult and at the end I just end up procrastinating.


No matter what just keep writing in what you love and this article was pretty funny – How to Act Like an Anime or Manga Character.

Thank you for reading.


  1. As someone who has a very loosey-goosey blog, I’d say that, if you want to appeal to more people, experiment with stuff. Blogging should be for your enjoyment, and if this one topic is stressing you out, try something else, until you find a mix of your comfort, as well as crowd appeal. Also, as someone who isn’t an anime fan, your posts are still really enjoyable!

    Anyway, this is just my opinion, and I’m sorry if it isn’t all that helpful.😅

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  2. I am not that big anime myself, I have seen some of course the most talked ones but the count is very little….
    But I like reading your posts, this way I get to know more about the world of anime and based on your reviews, I can make my watch list❤❤

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  3. I do occasionally have readers that are not anime fans which is surprising since I only write about anime but I find that some readers enjoy the personality that shines through regardless of the content of posts. That’s always great. And I’m sure all your readers feel that way as well.

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  4. I understand the feeling completely. I originally wanted the blog to be about a lot of stuff, but gradually it shifted to primarily anime. So if I post about a video game or eventually books like I’d like to, I’m a little worried about how they’ll go down. Ultimately though, I need to enjoy what I write, so that comes first. I try to find ways to talk about things in ways that my core audience would like. So I could talk about light novels, for instance for books, or anime-type games—stuff like that. Still, I think as long as you’re yourself, people will still like it. Something I heard a long time ago has always stuck with me. People come for the content, but they stay for the person. I think that’s very true.

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  5. I totally agree with Irina. I think how you express yourself is the most important thing to appeal your readers. I myself never decided on a “type” of blog. At first I also wrote about anime and manga but now I’m writing about something totally different. Maybe I’m just too inconsistent, but I think what’s important to your readers is what is important for you. So write with your heart, that’s the only think you owe to us!🤗🌼

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  6. I don’t watch anime at all but I find reading others’ take on it rather interesting! My blog is random in every way and I keep it that way because it reflects how messy my working process is all the time😂 I think you should focus on writing about what you love! It’s like reading the review of a book you haven’t read, one would still enjoy reading them because hearing how people perceive media in their own way is fascinating!
    I believe the only thing you ‘owe’ your readers is originality and the way I see it, this blog is amazing! Keep writing! 💫
    Also, I’m new here hence all the general-ness of my comment 😂

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  7. I really enjoy all aspects of your blog!
    I personally have a blog that covers multiple areas, such as video games and books as well as manga and anime. I have different categories, so if someone likes video games they can go to that section, or if they want to see a review of an anime they can go to that section. I have many interests and I don’t want to centre my blog around one thing. I’ve also tried to keep the mindset that I’m posting for myself and not an audience because otherwise it sucks the fun out of it a little and adds on some unwanted stress. I
    At the end of the day, though, this is YOUR blog. You should write about things that make you happy. If that means a surge of anime/manga posts, then so be it! People who have followed you should be aware that you talk about more than one thing.

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  8. I’m always impressed by bloggers who review because it does seem so potentially anxiety-producing to me. People can be so passionate in their fandom, and if they happen to disagree…Well, I just have to say I admire anyone with the courage to face that. Also, I find your writing quite approachable and engaging even though I only occasionally read manga or watch anime.

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