Choosing a University

As if my life wasn’t stressful enough.

As most of you guessed from the title of the post, this one is going to be slightly personal. So lately, I’ve been stressed with college admissions and exams since I’ll be going to Uni next year and must I say, it’s hell. There’s so much things you need to look into especially if you’re going abroad. That’s one of the reasons why I haven’t been able to post often these days but I’ll try my best. This post is going to be my experiences with choosing Universities so far, and well it’s not fun.

Going to Uni is a scary thing especially if you’re going to a foreign country at a young age. But that never really pulled me down because I know that I have the grit to survive without my family and friends. The one thing that has given me a hard time though is the path to reach there. There are so many considerations, exams, requirements I need to think of before applying to a college and that’s what has been haunting me for the past 6 months.

Choosing a Uni is a tough decision as you need to ask yourself a lot of questions – “Whether this is Uni is for me?” and “Will I get accepted?”. At first it was an interesting process as I got know a lot about the outer world and I was really excited to go on a new journey but I soon realized that was just a dream without any determination. You see, I don’t like studying, I don’t like any particular subjects and I’m not even sure if Uni is for me but I don’t have any other passion either that I can follow. So I’m stuck here over the fence, on the one hand I want to Uni for the new journey and on the other hand I’m worried if I’ll even do good in Uni.

ME going abroad

One of the reasons I wanted to go abroad for my further studies was because of the level of exposure available there. Before I continue, I wanna say that you can get a lot of exposure with studying in your own country but I always felt like going to different country was the thing for me. Going to a different country is always a challenge – you need to adapt to the culture, food, weather and that’s why I would like try it. I’m not a traveler or a explorer but I would like to study in a different country.


Coming to exams. 🥲🥲. I have nothing to say about this except for the fact that it’s just depressing. There are so many exams I need to write – A English proficiency test, SAT, my academics(A level) and a language test(optional). I know what you’re thinking, doesn’t every high schooler take these tests. They do but not in the time span of 6 months🥲.

The SAT sucks, it’s really unfair in all aspects. For example, you get two questions wrong in the Math section and you get a 760🥲 and the English section is just so hard that it just feels impossible to score 800. I swear, if Khan academy didn’t exist, I would’ve died. And the curves, the goddamn curves. I wrote one in August and another in October, the curves were so bad that I literally lost it.

Ok, enough of trashing SAT. Now coming onto language proficiency tests, even that makes me think why? Just why? This is really unusual for me since in India literally all the colleges teach in English so when I look at other countries such as Germany or Japan, I need to learn their native language for the courses there. There are English taught courses there but only a few and none of them align with my interests. So now if I want to study in Germany or Japan then I need to pass their minimal language proficiency which requires time I don’t have🥲.


Well… the story has not ended yet. I’m still yet to apply to Universities and still write my finals. So I guess see you guys on the next post for updates.

I know this was a random post for you guys to read out of nowhere but I wanted to give you a reason on why I was not posting regularly. I don’t want to make any promises I can’t keep but I’ll try my best to post at least twice a week. Hope you enjoyed reading this and have a good day!!



  1. I know that it seems really stressful now, but once you’re in university and finished your first year, you’ll actually laugh at how you stressed over this. There are literally thousands of universities on this planet, so if you don’t do well on your entrance exams and don’t get into one school, there are plenty of other schools just as good that might think your exam scores are perfectly fine. If you go to one university and find that it’s not for you, try another one! Each school has a different theme, mood, and culture. To finish my two degrees I went to four different schools. And all my classes added up to two degrees, no problem. So it’s totally okay to not find the perfect school in your first year (or second year, or third!). And university admission staff have lots of experience working with new students and are usually very helpful and understanding.

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  2. I’ve never studied abroad – I wish I had but as I was not smart enough to get a scholarship-, but I am currently working abroad, and I can safely say it’s one of the best thing that happens to me, it really changed many things for me. I personally think that everyone should get out from their hometown/ city at least once in their life, not to run away or anything like that but to step back and gain perspective of the world and how one connect to it. When we are inside it, it’s hard to see the box we are in and it affect our life decisions, so we need the distance and the space to see clearer. Whether we come back there again or build life somewhere else, it will have given us that breadth of perspective.

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    • Oh, I see. It was nice to hear your perspective on it. I’ve always wanted to have a different perspective on the world and I felt that going to a different place to study would provide me that plus I agree that everyone should try to explore different places at least once to see just how the outside world works Anyways thanks for your comment😊.

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