Too many Christmas movies!! Part 1 – Hallmark

Since it’s Christmas season, I thought why not talk about Christmas movies. When it comes to Christmas movies, I’m always baffled by the amount the sheer amount of movies available on streaming services. I have watched a lot of them and some of them… are not that good. Christmas movies generally tend to deal with themes of falling in love, spending time with families, or some Christmas magic but there are also some times when these simple plots can go awfully bad. And that’s what this series is going to be about. I’m going to talk about some of the bad Christmas movies from different streaming platforms. Enjoy the first part.

Christmas means two things for entertainment lovers – Music and movies. For music, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You”, Wham!’s “Last Christmas” and “White Christmas” by Bing Crosby are the songs that instantly comes to mind but when it comes to movies, Hallmark beats all the other streaming platforms. They are literally like Mariah Carey of movies who just pops out of nowhere just for Christmas.

Vox described Hallmark best as – “Hallmark specializes in movies about single women who find love at Christmas, or families who reunite at Christmas, or families of single women who reunite and find love at Christmas.” As you can guess, the movies are just dumb and cheesy as hell but there’s something about them that makes them slightly nostalgic. But the predictable plot has left me speechless by devoid of new innovative ideas. There’s literally a endless pool of new romance movie ideas but still they always go with same generic boring plot and my anger is best summed up by these two posts “Every 2020 Hallmark Christmas movie has 1 of 12 plots” and “The Plot of Every Single Hallmark Christmas Movie“.

While there are some good movies I watched such as “Three Wise Men and a Baby”, “Once Upon A Christmas Miracle”, there are also a many bad ones but since I cant’ talk about all of them, I’ll be talking about a select few. Let’s begin.


Starting with probably the most absurd Christmas movie of all movie. Have you ever wondered what happens when aliens, secret agents and Santa cross paths? Well if not, this movie is literally that. So basically the movie starts in this absurd way that the USA homeland security mistake Santa’s sleigh for a UFO and strike it down using missiles. Damn, poor Santa.

Anyway, after crash landing on a small town he meets a couple of kids who help him to complete the toy making without his resources from North pole all while being targeted by the secret agents since the Government believe him to be a threat to national security. In the end the two kids help Santa reunite with the elves and save Christmas.

At first, I did think it was not so good of a movie since the plot literally made no sense but then the more you go realize nothing makes sense. I know that the movie was aimed at kids but I can’t really ignore bad acting and story even if it was for children. The movie follows the generic plot of every other Hallmark movie but doesn’t manage to even hit the average mark. It was that poor.

Also one thing that everyone where mentioning about the movie was the fact that the agents pulled the gun on the two kids which was really un-Hallmark-ely(I know that’s not a real word). Overall, I would not recommend this movie to any ages.


Are you ready for Christmas? Apparently this movie is not. “I’m not ready for Christmas” follows the story of Holly Nolan(an advertising executive) who has her life turned upside down when she discovers that she can no longer lie. Yes, that’s the Christmas twist. Holly is an aunt to 10 year old Anna who missed a very important Christmas recital where Anna was patiently waiting for her arrival. Holly then lies to Anna about why she could not make the recital which results in Anna making a wish to Santa Claus for Holly to not lie again. Holly’s career and love life become complicated when her lies begin to catch up with her, forcing her to judge between truth and what is right.

That’s it. That’s the movie, it’s simple as that and they still managed to fail it. If you’ve seen “Liar Liar(1997)” then you would realize that both have the same exact plot. Except here, where the main character Holly is just not that likeable. Alicia Witt’s acting grace unfortunately could not carry her character. Her lines seemed forced and way off at times and this did not help as the character was just shown more annoying. Not only Holly but literally every other character also fail to show up.

To make matters worse, there’s a romance with bland George Stults that should have just been left out of this altogether but it’s Hallmark so a romance has to be a part of it, but the couple here have no chemistry and their romance just seems forced. Literally everything in this movie was bad and the forced romance made it unbearable to watch.

I wish I had enjoyed watching it more but I didn’t.

Baby’s First Christmas(2012)

When a pair of feuding colleagues, Kyle and Jenna are thrown together after their siblings, Jim and Trisha fall in love, they have to learn to get along in time for their nephew’s birth on Christmas. Realizing Jim and Trisha have major money troubles, Kyle and Jenna band together to help and end up on a snowy New York adventure that will prove miracles really do happen at Christmas.

Unfortunately though this movie was not a Christmas miracle. The themes strongly focus on the importance of family around the holidays and, as is the typical Hallmark fashion, budding romance but the movie is pretty much wrecked by its completely unlikeable and downright irritating lead character, the non-sparkling and actually painful to watch chemistry between the leads. Even with it’s heartwarming premise, the onscreen pair were unconvincing as a dynamic duo.

That’s not all, we also have a story where everything is easily foreseeable in the first 15 minutes. During the whole movie, there is very little that makes sense since there are scenes which constantly ignore what the previous scenes showed us. The dialogues are all over the place, it felt like watching an unfinished draft without any thought.

Overall, the production values were not enough to save a failing script and unbearable lead characters. It was hardly a feel good movie and I recommend you stay away from this one.

Congratulations on making to the end of the post. Hope you enjoyed it. I’ve had little fun watching all those movies above and if you want to give it a try like me… good luck. Anyways, I’ll see you guys in part 2.

Thank you for reading.



  1. Yeah, I think the problem is that Hallmark makes so many holiday movies, there is bound to be some that are really bad. Too bad The Santa Incident wasn’t very good, with that wacky plot it could have been a really funny comedy.

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