Too many Christmas movies!! Part 2 – NETFLIX

Welcome to the second installment of “Too many Christmas movies”. This post’s streaming platform is targeted on NETFLIX. Every Christmas season, it feel likes there are 100 awful Christmas produced for each good one. While Hallmark was the sole cause for this by mass-producing the same generic romance Christmas movies, Netflix has also joined in recent years. Although Hallmark has became a staple during Christmas, I can’t say the same for Netflix. They try so hard to be Hallmark but they fail so miserably that I just have to make fun of it.

Let’s get into it.


While I first saw the trailer, I thought it had some potential to be a good movie but boy was I wrong. The makers tried to make it interesting but all most all of the scenes were predictable as hell. It also has a lot of cringeful scenes but if we’re being rational, it had the right amount of cringe for a Christmas movie. However, that’s the thing, I have no idea how this is even a Christmas movie. During the whole movie, I was like how did they think this awful script would work.

While Holidate was bad, it wasn’t even close to the other movies in this list.

The knight before Christmas(2019)

This movie is the product of a poor script and no research. I know it’s a fictious story about a Knight time traveling but while watching I couldn’t really look across the various inconsistencies. I know fictional stories are supposed to suspend reality but this movie’s just dumb. It was a bad script that pulled the whole movie down even though actors sis a good job with their roles. The only thing good about the film was Cole coming back to prove true love exists at Christmas time. I didn’t see that coming to be honest after all that.

The princess switch(2018)

Another Vanessa Hudgens movie that I didn’t like very much. Although The Princess Switch was a wholesome film, I can’t gloss over the fact that it was also not that good. First of all, the plot, you’ve seen the doppelganger thing before – The Parent Trap, The Prestige, The Man in the Iron Mask, Moon over Paramoor, Bowfinger, etc…but any of those are way better than this. The next one is Vanessa Hudgens attempt on doing a British accent(P.S it didn’t not work out). It was also really predictable and did make eyeroll a few times.

This movie also has two sequels which I would not be watching because I have no interest in the makers adding something to this nothing movie.

A Christmas Prince(2017)

I still have no idea why this movie has two sequels. When I watched this movie, it made question myself if I’m even watching a rom-com or a satire film. It literally had every single Hallmark cliché you could think of except they made it slightly cringier. Although the film had a few performances to lift the mood especially Rose McIver, the rest of the cast doesn’t show up. It also had some beautiful scenery included in it. The movie as a whole overall however was riddled with clichés, non-stop predictability and contrivance.

A part of me wants to like this film but ultimately it’s just straight up bad.

Holiday in the wild(2019)

The last film I want to talk about isn’t even a Christmas movie. The plot involves a baby elephant and another white woman ‘finding herself’ on an expensive African safari that treats the locals as set pieces for the main characters happiness. There is nothing about this film that I like except the beautiful African landscape and the elephant. To sum it up, The elephant had better acting skills than the actor and the background was more interesting to look at then the plot.

I don’t know why I even watched this movie.

You have reached the end of this post. Hope you enjoyed my suffering of watching these films. Just because I didn’t like(hated) these movies doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it out for yourself. Anyways have a great Christmas and see you later.



  1. I always enjoy the Hallmark Christmas movies every year but I can’t say that I’ve checked out any of the Netflix ones. None of them really stood out from the reviews above either so it really sounds like they were a miss this time

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