I’ve got information

Yeah you heard right I’ve got information(I’m sounding like a black market dealeršŸ˜‚). Okay before we get into the “Information” I’ve got news(Man now I’m starting to sound like Jacksepticeye-youtuber). The news is that I’m weird, no no no not like normal weird, I’m like weird weird. That last sentence definetely sounded weird. Okay to the weird part, nowadays I’m having a lot weird thoughts like really weird like for example “I thought how it would be to marry a masochist” and here you thought “don’t worry we’re all pretty weird”. Let’s just say I got this thought from reading “Rainbow days” because one of the main characters Keichi is a masochist. Well I finished this manga a long time ago but I recently found out that it had bonus chapters and after reading I had these thoughts.

Manga is not a bad influence on me. Definetely not. If anything it helps in me ways I don’t know. So now back to the news part, I’ve been thinking of writing posts about my weird thoughts. I know you guys must be pretty weirded out after reading this so I’ve decided to create weird posts after I reach 100 followers because atleast this way I won’t lose all of them.


Haikyuu!! manga reaches 400 chapters

Congratulations to Haruichi Furudate for reaching 400 chapters. Haikyuu!! just gave us 400 chapters of awesomeness(IDK if I got that spelling right). I don’t how many of guys read the manga but I wholeheartedly loved it. So I just drew the above picture to congratulate Haikyuu!!. Haikyuu is most probably the coolest anime of all time(My opinion).

Now talking about the drawing. I know the wordings are really bad and more than my sign looks like badder. It’s not like I don’t know how to sign it’s more like I don’t know what to sign. I mean should I sign KS or Eggsandwich04 or KS blogs. This is just too confusing.The most hardest part about this drawing was erasing the pencil lines. The one thing I hate most while drawing. I mean you put a little force into it and you tear the page. I know because I’ve experienced that too many times.

More Information

The god of highschool

I just ruined my first review of anime which is currently airing. You ask me how I ruined it, well I forgot to mention the awesome opening.

How could I forget the Opening? How? Just How?

Well that’s all I have to write about today. I hope you guys don’t think I’m that weird.

Thanks for reading.


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