God of highschool Ep 4 & 5

I know, I should write about the episodes sooner. For some reason I’m just too lazy to write about god of highschool because I’m mostly confused but anyway I’m writing it now. You know what, I;m going to write shorter reviews now because my hands are killing me.

Spoilers ahead!!

Episode 4: Marriage/bonds

After last episode’s battles, the best four have been chosen. Yoo mira, Jin mori, Han daewi and Byuen Jaehee. The epsiode starts with some total stranger proposing to mira with marriage in mind.

Of course mira agrees at first for the brighter future to make the moonlight sword famous all around the world. Just before the marriage begins Jin gets into a fight with guards who says that Jin is not allowed in since he’s not invited but that’s when Daewi arrives to help jin. After defeating the guards, they barge in the wedding making Oh Seongjin furious. Daewi handles seongjin where jin is trying to talk mira out of this marriage. Jin manages to convince mira and she walks away from the marriage when Seongjin shows his true powers but mira manages to defeat him easily but he steals her sword.

It ended happily in the end or did it. In the match between Daewi and mira, daewi goes on a rampage against mira. Daewi totally brutalised mira and wins the match.

The episode ends with Daewi walking away from Jin after his match.

Episode 4 gallery

Episode 5: Ronde/hound

After last episode’s upset we get to see a bit of Daewi’s memories from when his friend was alive.

The episode starts with Jin’s match against Byeun Jaehee. Jin wins easily by a knockdown.

The finals has arrived between Jin and daewi.

During the middle of the match Daewi’s friend passed away. After an intense battle Jin finally wins and the episode ends with the three friends reconciling.

Finally after watching two episodes and writing about it, I can relax now. I’ve gotta say episode 5 was insane, all the fight scenes were amazing and one of the coolest moments uptil now.

God of highchool is getting interesting day by day.

Thank you for reading.

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